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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by gonavy, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. gonavy

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    Went to the Sports Academy to pick up some Applewood I know, just go get the wood, and get out, don't be looking at stuff, but I just couldn't resist, had to go look at the smokers.  Now I have had my Oklahoma Joe for years now, done all the mods, got it dial in perfect, I can set a temp and hold it all day, and only use maybe a split every hour and half, but it is a COS.  Took a look at the Old Country Bravos...omg..I never actually layed my hands onto a 1/4 steel smokers, this thing is a BEAST, has a stack on it like a diesel truck, two grate levels a gigantic firebox, like to threw out my shoulder just lifting the lid.  Now I just can't get it out of my head, but it has $999 price tag...ouch...only got maybe $400 in my Ok Joe with all the mods.  LOL..when I was standing there in front of that Bravos smokers Tim Allen kept coming to mind...grunt grunt..OH OH OOOHHH this is a MANLY smokers, I felt wholy inadequate with my puny Ok Joe, but $1000 bucks for something I just don't need...sigh...I am going to have a few more beers and hope that this smoker envy goes
  2. cpfitness

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    you need the smoker.  sell yours and upgrade!
  3. joe black

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    If you are determined to stay in the $500 range, you can look at the Old Country Wrangler. The only problem is that you're getting a lesser product.

    If you can get a little closer to the $1000, contact Craig Bell at Bell Fab in Tulsa, OK. Craig is a great guy and will build you a one off smoker to your personal specifications and wants. The material and fabrication is first class. Contact Craig at: [email protected].

    Give him a look and good luck with a smoker, Joe
  4. smokinal

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    Ha Ha!

    Great post.

    At some point I think we all want something that is just out of reach, but just can't get it off our mind.

    I have been wanting a Lang for 4 years & finally ordered one. Hopefully it will be here in a couple of days.

  5. glocksrock

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    That Brazos is very nice, but not sure it's worth twice as much as the Wrangler, but still a great buy compared to what else is out there for that price range. You can't even get a Lank 36 patio for that much, so it is a pretty good buy, considering how well it's built, and how big it is. Just save up for it and think about selling your current setup to help offset the cost. You would be amazed at how much difference a quality smoker with heavy gauge steel makes.

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