M7's build thread. Reverse Flow trailer mounted with storage compartments.

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by mtmseven, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. mtmseven

    mtmseven Fire Starter

    I've just signed up for the forum - feel free to say hi on the welcome board.

    Here's my project:

    • approx 200 gallon smoker

    • 2 6' utility truck bedsides to act as cutting boards and storage

    • independent torsion axles with adjustable spindles to get ride height correct.

    • custom adjustable trailer coupler to adapt to different tow vehicles

    • more to come I'm sure but that's about how far I am at this point.

    Here come the pics. (everybody loves those)

    Chamber as it arrived:

    Brainstorming the bedside placement

    End cap lopped off - there will be a warmer box above the fire box.

    Torsion axles fresh off the UPS truck

    Axle width testing

    more testing of placement

    frame finding it's new home.   4" square tubing. (a little too beefy but the 24' link was free!)

    axle in place(ish)

    boxes getting squared up and tested

    skipped a few steps here... boxem mounted, frame capped and adjustable hitch created and tacked on.

    1st test pull after I stitched the frame and hitch together.

    Wheel width is almost the same as the Mule. - much less than a full size truck.

    Building my wood storage area

    Floor in place, cardboard side on there to simulate sheetmetal.

    this is where it sits tonight - more work to be done tomorrow. 

  2. mtmseven

    mtmseven Fire Starter

    My current challenge is learning how to cut the doors , mount hinges and add strap to seal the doors without warping.   I'll poke around for help from other builds but if someone has a stickie that they've saved then please post it here to I can find the answers faster.


  3. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    M7, evening and welcome to the forum....  Check Ribwizzards posts about "stringers" to keep the door from "returning to a flatter state"....    Cutting can be done with a cut-off wheel on an angle grinder or plasma torch...  Partially cut the door and weld on the hinges....  Notch the door with a grinder and weld on the seals from the inside.....  just tack type welds..... reduces the door warping....  blind welds if that makes sense....   You can use thick or thin metal for the seal, I prefer 14-16 ga....    then I can shape it with a hammer to fit the curve if necessary....  Building a smoker is a big job and thinking outside the box is important as some rules don't apply....     

  4. That is going to be one cool build....

    How high are the top of the cabinets? Can you access the cooker alright?

    Have you though about a canopy as well?
  5. mtmseven

    mtmseven Fire Starter

    @DaveOmak - yep, I understand - I'll add some stringers in the inside after the doors are cut to keep them from straightening out. - I found some big 'ol chain to use as hinges so long as I can get it to clear the seals. Next weekend I'll be giving that a shot.

    @RibWizzard - the tops of the boxes will be a little taller than counter height in a kitchen.  I can stand at it and touch the back of the CC without leaning too far.  If it ends up being too tall, I'll put on smaller tires and lower the spindles on the axles (they're adjustable).   As for a canopy, I've considered umbrellas that will break down and fit in the compartments. I can zap on some pipe to slip them into pretty easily.
  6. mtmseven

    mtmseven Fire Starter

    I welded in the front sheetmetal and installed the swivel jack this weekend.   The jack just about killed me because I did it after the sides were on; that was a mistake. :(  pretty much had to weld while standing on my head.

    Also, I found some drive chain from a motor grader to use as door hinges.   I'll see if I can make that work next weekend.

  7. mtmseven

    mtmseven Fire Starter

    How far in can I recess the firebox into the cooking chamber on a reverse flow?  I want to have as little hanging off the back as possible so recessing the fire box into the chamber seems to be one easy way to do that.

    Also, is the FR plate generally positioned at 1/3 or just below half or where?
  8. The further in you go, the more you will have to engineer out a hot spot at the beginning of the reverse flow plate. Generally you don't see them much further in than where the edge of the cooking chamber door or cooking grate would be.  I extended the firebox way in on #19 and the beginning of the reverse flow plate got so hot that the burning off of the grease drippings overwhelmed the flavor of the food. I had to install a baffle plate to redirect the heat away from the reverse flow plate and redesign the entire reverse flow plate.
  9. Nice looking build.[​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  10. Great looking concept with the service box...I've got some of that chain lying around too...ya got me thinking!
  11. Great build MTMSEVEN! You've got some unique ideas working. Keep those pics coming!
  12. mtmseven

    mtmseven Fire Starter

    This silly smoker project kinda looks like a chariot.....   A chariot of smoke!   Need to incorporate that into the theme.

  13. mtmseven

    mtmseven Fire Starter

    Doors!!  And my tiny hinges. 

    I added the lid gussets before vertical cuts were made.  Not fun laying in the tube and welding above your head but its done and the doors didn't try to straighten out on me.  Thanks to RibWizzard for the tip.

    Next I'll add the edge banding to seal 'em up and cover any unsightly cuts.

    Projects move slowly when you only get one day a week to work on 'em.....


  14. bruno994

    bruno994 Master of the Pit

    Great looking build.  Way to really recycle on this one, should give you plenty of storage for sure. 
  15. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    HOLY [email protected]  I did not realize the chain was THAT BIG !!!.....   Cool..... I like it.... 

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  16. mtmseven

    mtmseven Fire Starter

    Those stringers were tight when welded in but once I opened the doors, they became MUCH tighter - like tapping a drum.  My guess is that the doors would have straightened out a bit without them.  *wshew*
  17. mtmseven

    mtmseven Fire Starter

    Finally got some time to work on my smoker this week.  Was able to add the door edges.  Things went 'OK'.  Not sure if I'm satisfied or not.

    The stringers worked 90% to keep the doors from straightening but I still ended up with a gap at the bottom - can likely overcome it with weatherstrip. 

    My hinges didn't lift enough at the top to allow edges to be welded to the door - so I welded them to the chamber instead.  I kinda like the result - it acts as a rain guard at the top and can be sealed on the bottom side. 

    The handles are temporary.  Don't harass me too much about how crooked they are ;)

    Only took one photo.  Here it is:

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  18. Hope to see more on this build. Gonna be neat!!
  19. Man !   That is going to be one of the neatest smokers I've seen in a long time. Love the boxes and the chain hinges. Can't wait to see more  Good Job

  20. I agree Gary, very cool ideas here

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