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  1. So I've always enjoyed being as self sufficient as possible. Recently I've been on a kick to really minimize costs and maximize my use of the products i consume. Recently I've gotten into hunting and would like to learn a bit more about butchering. This applies to bbq because I'm not just interested in learning to efficiently clean the animal, I'd like to be able to section muscles etc to maximize their usage. I recently read an older post by pops showing how to take a pig leg and make a ham while utilizing everything from skin to fat. A very good read and a perfect example of what I'm talking about in this thread. However it is one thing to see a picture and dialog of how to do something and a hands on experience. So my question is does anyone in Washington, preferably southwest know of a place to take a class, or is there a former butcher among us that may be interested in putting something on? Am i the only one interested in something like this? Perhaps if we have a knowledgeable person among us we could arrange to have a seminar at the discussed Washington get together? Perhaps everyone else is good with learning via pictorials but with the costs of meats I'd be interested in taking a class or getting some help and saving the trial and error process. Just thought I'd throw it out there and add to the Washington group discussion.
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    I have heard of farms in Calif. that put on butchering clinics....  nothing up here though....   Dave
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    I would be interesting in a butchering course. Learning how to properly clean the animal, the best methods, correct knives & tools to use...absolutely. Let me know if you find anything!
  4. Well snorkelinggirl a member on the forum that couldn't post to this group sent me a link to pdxmeat.com which does hold courses but the prices are rather steep. The basic pig course was 265 for four hours. You get to keep a portion of the meat so i may look into it further, but i guess i was hoping there were some knowledgeable guys in the area that may be interested in doing this for cheaper etc. Or a community course at a community college etc. I'll continue to look into it.
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    I don't think you'll find a course at a community college but you might get in touch with your state extension service. They might have a lead on this sort of thing. Check under Myology ie Pig Myology etc. A course that offers you a portion of the meat might not be that bad a deal.
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  6. I've done a lot of searching to find more education on meat fabrication to help me in the restaurant kitchen.

    I really think this outfit is what your looking for. If you have a pig they will travel to your farm and show a small class every step from bleeding to procuistto. Using tried and true techniques.

    I also have a email I can forward you for a beef cutting workshop. 12 students $85. 8 hours. From whole to portion cuts. It's up in skagit county through.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks Mike....... great info......     
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    Hi Phidelt,

    I just figured out how to "join" your group so I can post another reply to you. In addition to Portland Meat Collective (pdxmeat.com) there is also another teaching kitchen in Portland called Portland's Culinary Workshop (http://www.portlandsculinaryworkshop.com/) whose prices are much more reasonable.  They do some butchery classes in addition to an extensive list of other cooking classes. I haven't taken their pig butchery class, but i did take the chicken butchery class and got a lot out of it.  They are offering the pig butchery class on April 6th:  http://midwestix.securemytix.com/event/3739360

  9. Thank you all for these leads. I'd like to take a class too. My son is taking up hunting. The last time he had a whole carcass it ended up in my kitchen being chopped up with my sawzall. Thank heavens for tarps. I know he and his wife would go to a class with me. His next adventure is to go hunting in Arizona for feral hog with a friend... I really need these classes.
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