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  1. Hello,

    Scarbelly gave me some great advice a couple a days ago regarding my first smoking attemp.  I have a couple of quick questions before I get started that I hope someone could answer.  The original post is here

    I am cooking both ribs (baby back) and chicken. 

    1) If I read his directions correctly, he says cook them for 2 hours, put in foil for 2 hours, and then take them out for 1 hour.  No temp needed.  What is the purpose of the last hour if no temp is needed?  Should I at least set it on low?

    2) He said the chicken would probably take about 3 hours...Do ribs really take 2 hours longer than a 4.4lb chicken?

    3) Assuming the chicken gets done first...what is the best way to warm it up when it is time to eat?  Wouldnt it get dried out if I try to warm it up in the oven?  (It has been sitting in a brine for 12 hours.)

    I plan on starting the smoker in about 45 mins...wish me luck! [​IMG]
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    Sorry I missed this earlier - The guys have you covered 

    Good luck and don't for get the qview 

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