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  1. Has anyone ever smoked lamb ribs before, I saw a show over the weekend and they were smoking lamb ribs and looked very tastie but they said that a lot of stores don't carry them, only speciality stores do. I'd like to find one around where I live or go to a butcher shop and see if they would do it for me.
  2. rbranstner

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    OH lamb ribs would be soooo tasty!!! I bet they come at a hefty price though.
  3. Be interested in this as we just butched 7 lambs[​IMG]
  4. mgwerks

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    Send me two of your freshly-butchered racks and I'll do a demo for the site. I'm just THAT nice a guy.
  5. mballi3011

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    Now I would really like to get my hands on some whole lamb ribs and not theses little things that I keep on buying. Where???
  6. meateater

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    Ive done the fancy frenched cryovaced one's and they were good. I'd love to try a rack I can trim myself.
  7. So what type of rub would go with lamb, you don't want any thing to over power the taste of the lamb. The program that I saw the lamb ribs looked like BB with alot of meat on the bone, made my mouth water after they were done smoking them. I've got to find some place around here that sell's them.Yummy
  8. dutch

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    I saw that same episode of Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives.
    I would just keep it simple and use olive oil, a little kosher salt, granulated garlic and fresh cracked black pepper.
  9. I agree. Lamb is one of my favorite meats, and you wouldn't want to overpower the natural flavor of it with a strong rub, IMHO.
  10. meateater

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    Lemon pepper works good with lamb.
  11. alaskansmokesignals

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    Coating: 50-50 fresh rosemary and garlic (minced), 1/3 cup each. Plus 1/2 cup panko and a little salt.

    Burn/sear the rack first, putting some garlic herbs in that searing, then paint with lots of dijon mustard, then coat in that coating and cook fast at 450 F for about 14 minutes.

    It is to die for.
  12. chefrob

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    love lamb, too bad the li'l lady doesn't.........
  13. AlaskanSmokeSignals, what I wanted to know is how you would cook the lamb ribs outside not inside and would you smoke them low and slow like BB (225*) or would you smoke at a higher temp, but thank you for your infomation, I'll keep that in mind.
    Chefrob, I know what your feeling about the wife doesn't like lamb. She had told me if I wanted to cook lamb that I would have to cook it outside so I'm asking how to smoke it and what type of rub would be good for it and thanks for everyone that has giving me some ingredients to work with.
    I would think that mint would be one of the ingredients in the rub or even in the mop sauce. The wood I would use is eather apple or cherry.
    Dutch, I think it was Dinner's, Drive-ins and Dives, thanks.
  14. chefrob

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    you can't go wrong with a fresh herb mixture like rosemary, mediterranean oregano, thyme and garlic all chopped up. coat with olive oil, salt and pepper and sprinkle with herbs and wrap in plastic for no more than 1 hour....then smoke like normal.
  15. dutch

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    Yep it was, the place that was featured was "Podnah's Pit" in Portland, Oregon. I checked the Diners, Drive-in's & Dives website as they will feature recipes from some of the places that Guy visits. No such luck this time.
  16. shellbellc

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    Hubby did a rack of lamb in the smoker one time...I'm not a fan of lamb so he did it when I wasn't going to be there for dinner. He only used salt and pepper for seasoning, but instead of putting the rack in whole, he them down into individual ribs. S&P each rib. He didn't do them low, he like his lamb on the medium rarish side, I recall he only had them in for 40 minutes. Now as you recall I mentioned I don't like lamb...I've tried it almost everytime he's made I again succumbed to "tasting" a bite of these smoked ribs...I will say it was the best lamb I've ever tasted. Sooo tender and they really took on a nice smoke (cherry) flavor. Definitely worth a try! Boneless leg of lamb came out nice to! Much stronger lamb flavor though. He won't come near lamb with mint, he thinks it hides the flavor of the meat...he made a raspberry coulis as a side dipping sauce.
  17. I bet that raspberry coulis would be good if he put it on the last few minutes before he took it out of the smoker, like a glaze, kick it up a notch...yummy
    More and more or these responses I'm geting is making me hungry for lamb and darn it I'm at work and haven't had lunch...drool.
  18. walterwhite

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    I hope so!
    Maybe not. I picked up a slab of "lamb breast" at the store today for $0.99/lb. They look like ribs to me.

    So I'm scouring this site for ways to prepare them. I didn't have anything in mind when I got them, they just looked interesting.

    I like the idea of rubbing them with a mix of rosemary and garlic. I'd probably add some peanut oil to that because I think it helps keep them moist.

    Then I just have to decide how long to cook them. Is that the kind of thing that I'd want rare? It seems like a long slow cook might be good. A couple weeks ago I did some jumbo shrimp really slow for an hour and a half. I never measured a grate temperature higher than 155° F and it didn't even get hot enough to brown the garlic, but the shrimp were really juicy and went fast. I wonder if something like that would work well for lamb.


    (They were on sale at Valli Produce in Glendale Heights, IL.)
  19. old poi dog

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    Would you do a variation of the 3-2-1 on a rack of lamb ribs or if you go no foil would could you just watch for pullback and rib bend to know its done?
  20. alaskansmokesignals

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    I wouldn't cook'm low and slow, though that's my preference for most meats. 450F for as little time as possible, until they're about 130F internal.

    I use a rosemary/garlic/panko outside, on top of seared and mustard painting, and then on the table, dipped into a custom made mint/jalapeno jelly.

    Its the overall very best dish served in this house. My better half doesn't let me share it with many people; she wants whats hers!

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