Labor Day Brisket

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  1. This is my Wamart brisket for Sunday, all rubbed up and ready for some serious marinating time. Thought I'd do it a day ahead, just in case I need to resort to the KFC plan B. must say I was really surprised and well pleased that our Walmart Super Center had this nice packer. More to follow with some que view. Wish me luck....I'm guessing about an 18 hour project.
    Forgot to it ok to cut the thing in half (point and flat separate) while smoking? You'd think whoever designed the MES 30 would have known someone would want to do a whole brisket; no?
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  2. looks good. im in for awhile.
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Yes you can separate the point from the flat prior to cooking.
  4. Thanx, Dirt. Appreciate it.
  5. dockman

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    Took a 14 lb brisket out of freezer to smoke this weekend also. Good luck with yours I know mine has a small chance of turning out good as I have not had much luck with them in the past.
  6. yeh you can separate it before the cook or during the cook. as for the whole brisket with a sure they figured if youre buying a small electric youd pick a brisket that fits it. hahaha.
  7. Easy to do if you have unlimited choices, Turn. But, when there's only 2 in the case, you have to take what you can. This ain't Oklahoma. Most folks eat out here and aren't very much into smoking large hunks of cow carcass. I had to drive 30 miles just to get what I got.
  8. I hear ya...i started on a I had to cut numerous 13#'ers down to size more than a few times. Just remember when u cut the briskeys down, those pieces become snacks for the chef during the smoke session. Lol. Best part.:yahoo:
  9. foamheart

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    Since You didn't list the size, I too have a MES30 and a full packer is too much for it. When rubbing for the reefer the night before I locate the grain's direction on the flat. I cut the corner off enough to allow it to fit in the smoker. It also garantees the perfect cut against the grain when done cooking without having to think about it. The cut off portion I have always used for chili. Brisket is the perfect meat for chili.

    As to seperating the point and flat near the end of cooking, its not unusual at all. Personally I see it all as brisket and slice it as such, but those point pieces when cooked in sauce are ok too. Maybe its the name I don't like, burnt ends..... But its still all brisket to me.

    Good luck with your smoke, remember anyday you smoke is a beautiful day!
  10. OK, here we go!! Made the 13 lb packer work in my MES 30, by folding the flat under. Made it as thick as the point is all.

    Now, if it doesn't work, I'm certain I've been called a lot worse. :)
  11. doesnt matter how you get it in there...just get er in! lol.
  12. pgsmoker64

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    Looks like a great start!  Be sure to keep us updated.

  13. CURSES, foiled again! Pulled it at 167 and added some apple juice to the foil pan, double wrapped and as they say on the corner, "it's wret to go". :)

    Notice how it reduced so much in size that it now fits perfectly in the pan? I'm, so far, a happy smoker.
  14. kathrynn

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    Looks great so far.....keep us in the loop!

  15. finally finished the packer for our Sunday get together. It really fell apart when I transfered it out of the foil pan. Oh, well, this ain't competition and it's good enough for who it's for. LOL
  16. foamheart

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    The only way to make a bad brisket? Undercooked and tuff or too much smoke too fast...... But I have never had one that wasn't finished off!

    I have one out to put on tomorrow for Sunday and Monday, maybe...... LOL.
  17. Just a note about me Labor Day weekend briskey. This turned out every bit as good as I could have hoped for. :yahoo: hard to put into words....Let me just say, it's a denture wearers dream.:biggrin: thanx for all the input.

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