Just Ordered Arizona BBQ Outfitters Scottsdale Pit-Anyone have experience with these?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by derrickhand300, May 5, 2014.

  1. A few months ago I ordered my first electric smoker- Cookshack Amerique and I am really enjoying it-So far I make great Prime Rib-chickens etc but I still cannot get my ribs and brisket to turn out was well and with the smoke ring of my old homemade pit.

    Last week I ordered the Scottsdale from Arizona BBQ Outfitters-it looks to be  a really well made Santa Maria style grill with a hood and windbreak that will make it double as a pit

    I was wondering if anyone here owns one and their thoughts?

    I biggest question I have here is concerning the paint job- I paid $517 extra for 'Powder Coated Pain" vs the 1200 deg stove pain that is standard with the grill/pit

    Anyone own a powder coated pit? if so how has it hold up to the temps over the years?

    I have a great Bayou Classic 700 deep fryer and Amerique smoker- but I have been lacking a good portable grill to cook burgers and steaks on- thinking this Scottsdale will fill the bill and get me back on track with my ribs and briskets

    Here is a video of the grill on Youtube- I appreciate any input from owners AND anyone with experience with the powder coat finish durability-Thanks!

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    I have no experience at all with that set up but that is one well made grill.  I can definitely see the versatility it offers.

    Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see how your ribs and briskets get back on track with it.

    And that dude has one heck of a security fence!
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