Just like Christmas Eve when I was a kid.

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  1. Good evening, and Good Morning to some, I am not going to be able to sleep very well tonight. Tomorrow I am firing up my smoker for the first time. Used charcoal smoker bought from my brother in law this week.

    8# pork loin injected with a apple juice (not the from concentrate stuff, the real deal) small coating of maple syrup and a rub consisting of sea salt, fresh cracked peppercorns, and onion powder.

    Also trying pork spare ribs. Rub of sea salt, cracked pepper, onion and garlic powder, with a touch of paprika. Doing the 3-2-1 method on these. Everything is in the fridge. Plan on an early rise to pull the meat to let it come up to room temp. (couple hours I figure)

    I'm anxious and nervous at the same time. A good friend told me to not have to high of expectations for my first smoke. Told me I will have to get used to my smoker thru a couple of smokes. Wish me luck fellas and thanks for all the insight on here the past couple days. I will have to post pic if they look and taste half way descent. Happy Smoking.

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    It sounds like a good day ahead.

    One thing though, I would go directly from the fridge to the smoker.

    Don't let the meat sit out & come up to room temp.

  3. Thanks SmokinAl.. Hoping to prove my buddy wrong that it can't be good first time around. 😎

  4. Well the final product is in...and its a hit at the house. Even shared some with the neighbor, mother in law, and fellow smoking buddy.They all enjoyed it. My neighbor is an 82 year old widow...know her for 40 years. Shes saving the rest for supper. Made me happy. Thanks to everyone who ever posted on here about smoking meats. Learned a lot in 3 days!

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    That's excellent!

    Glad it turned out so well!


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