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  1. My new Yoder YS640 (with comp cart) pellet popper arrived today, 24 hours earlier than I had been hoping! I can't say enough good things about Don Cary and the team at Yoder (and All Things BBQ, also owned by Don) unbelievable customer service, and extremely pleasant to work with.

    This unit is every bit as hunking/massive/burly/beefy/tough as I've heard, and was hoping for. I ran out of time tonight before I could get the initial burn done, had to get the little man off to bed for school tomorrow :) but will get er' cranking tomorrow.

    Came with 40# of Hickory BBQers Delight, and I ordered the following, to be ready to better half thinks I'm starting a catering company in the garage (when's the health department coming to do the initial inspection so you can get your license, LOL);

    - 40# Mesquite from Big em for a buck a lb. with shipping...I really love mesquite

    - 40# Cookin Pellets - Perfect Mix from a local dealer here in KC, great guy who's father competes with Todd from A-Maze-N

    - 40# Lumberjack from the same local source

    - 18" A-Maze-N Tube Smoker - just for fun

    - 4# Jack Daniels pellets (novelty)

    - Maverick ET-732

    - Thermoworks Pro BBQ Kit, tripod, case (good deal over there at$30 off, total was $300 with shipping)

    - PLUS all of the cooking crap I've accumulated over the years, I am so over prepared it is ridiculous.

    So I have 164# of pellets on the ground, enough temperature monitoring equipment to do NASA proud, a massive smoker ready for the Q-Day invasion of flavor town, I think I will call her "Deuce", short for deuce and a half...this thing would looks boss in olive drab with some well placed black stencil lettering.

    Good stuff, pictures to follow.


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  2. Just did the burn-in on the Yoder YS640 (for future search purposes), what a sweet machine.

    Couple notes, I saw a 15 degree delta between the integrated smoker probe, and my own aftermarket temp monitoring equipment placed at the far end of the pit, over the heat shield (don't want false high reading based on escaping heat)...witnessed at 350 run temp.

    After 90 minutes of 350, I backed down to 250 for a pound of bacon to appease the BBQ gods (good juju), seeing a +/-2 degree delta, very tight variance end to end, like to see this very much.

    So far loving the unit, easy to start and run, no complaints.

    Bought a 12+ lb packer this morning, bunch of chicken, and ABT makings, look for these soon.

    Thanks all! :sausage:

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    Congratulations and good luck.

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