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    I just bought me a #12 DO.and wanting to season it and i have read on here that flax oil is the way to go so I hope this is the right stuff
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    Thats what they say. congrats on your new #12 camper. They put out the most excellent food.

    I would suggest you don't go overboard with layering the seasoning, seems I heard someone say it can start to chip. So go light, and you should be alright. You might drop Woodcutter a /PM. He is awefully knowledgable about Cast. I know he's helped me a lot. He collects cast, if he doesn't know an answer he knows the right phone numbers.

    Nice looking oven. Gonna really enjoy it.
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    Thanks foamheart I was wondering if I should stripping it first
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    Factory seasonings have improved at least Lodge has improved. If it is new, I would wash it out and try cooking something with it. If you have problems then strip it an season. You can give it coat of flax over the existing seasoning if you want a fresh coat as long as the existing seasoning is not chipping.
  6. Standard practice in my family has been to rub inside with bacon gease or peanut oil. Place in 350 oven for 3 hours, turn off oven and leave it overnight. Next day, wash in warm water with brush, no soap. After each use, wash with hot water and brush, recoat lightly with bacon grease. Has served me well for over 40 years of casdt iron cooking.
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    Never seen an egg sliding around like that in a ci skillet.thanks tropicsp
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