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  1. I live in Southern Illinois.  I'm a long time smoker enthusiast.  Had several small smokers and I've smoked quite a bit on homemade smokers which have all done well.  My friend has a Southern Pride smoker that I use often (that thing is like cheating it's so easy!).  I've got a son now on his own who is also into smoking and spends many a weekend with friends smoking various meats, which he seems to really enjoy.  I'm in the market for a good smoker for him for Christmas and I hope to replace mine soon as well.  We've always mostly smoked pork (ribs, pork shoulder, Boston butts) but I'm looking forward to trying a beef brisket soon as well as a whole hog. Looking forward to tapping all of the knowledge and expertise this forum has and sharing ideas among smoking enthusiasts!
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    Welcome from SC. It's really good to have you on this great site. Check out the smoker section of the site. There are a lot of ideas there that will help you. Try to post how many folks that you usually cook for. What type of fuel you would like to use. And whether you enjoy playing with fire or would just like to set it and forget it. If we could see that information, we could be better prepared to give you some pointers.

    Good luck in your research and decision and good smokin', Joe

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