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  2. michael ark

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    Never seen one before.You think thats cool stoker now tweets alerts.So it don't have a limited range like this with 200ft range .It also stokes your fire for you.But i know i am compareing apples and oranges.
  3. dutch

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    It's the first time I've seen or heard of this product. Running at $99.00-114.00 plus needing an iphone or i pad, I think I'll stick to using my Maverick.
  4. big twig

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    I have heard of it but I do not have an "I" anything so I wouldn't invest in one myself and I don't know anyone who has used it either. Does sound like a pretty cool product though.
  5. smokinal

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    Sure sounds cool, but a little pricey.
  6. i bought one but havent had a chance to use it.
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