Ideas for kababs ,,, ???

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tim in mo, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Any good ideas for kababs ? Wife's b-day,,, so BASIC pork loin, peppers,mushrooms, zucchini,onion,etc.sooo, indirect heat ???
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    I like to add some sausage in the mix for kabobs.
  4. I've never smoked a kabob. Alwyas done steak (sirloin) and chicken - with high heat.

    chicken; I like to do an aggressive peppery mesquite seasoning wrapped in bacon with sweet peppers, mushrooms, small sweet onions, pineapple, etc sweeter veggies to balance the chicken kick.

    Conversely, I'll marinate the chicken in pineapple juice - and pair with bolder veggies (jalapeno slice, red onion, etc) and do a teriyaki finish glaze.

    Steak is pretty standard for me - mushrooms, peppers, anything goes... i should've written down the recipe but I ended up with something that tasted like a sweet korean bbq marinade. Charred up nicely and had a hot and sweet finish.

    I always go super high heat because they take so long to put together and prep and can overcook so fast. Not sure how veggies would react to low and slow - I like mine hot and fast so they still have a bite to them, and I love the little charred pieces.

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