I noticed a couple of good people helping people stories

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  1. alblancher

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    Lets tell our good stories this holiday

    I happen to know a member of the forum, another moderator actually that has collected a bunch of money and is not only cooking for two families in need but also playing Santa Claus for them and their children.  The person I speak about is a bit shy (yea right!) but I want to send a well done out to him and his wife.  I am proud to have them as friends of mine.
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    That is excellent and especially around the holidays. Short and true story: My wife and I were in Myrtle beach for our honey moon a couple years back and she had bought us tickets to the impersonator show there. We went and sat 2nd row from the front. A couple with 3 kids (2 were severely handicapped) sat in front of us. An employee was walking around selling stuffed animals and such. The kids all wanted one but we overheard the parents tell the kids they couldn't afford it( they were like 10-15 dollars a piece). The mom took the kids to the bathroom and I slid up and asked the Dad for his permission to buy them a stuffed animal and he agreed. The employee was waved over and I told them kids to pick anyone they wanted. I will remember that for as long a I live. The joy and happiness it brought is priceless.

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    If anyone lives near a military reservation you can adopt a family thru the AF(Armed Forces) YMCA on the base. Our group adopts one every year and it allows us to remain anonymous to them by going thru this group
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    Al I know who your talking about and I would also like to give him a shout out. I wouldn't say his name but it is a good thing. I put my name in the hat last year and I'm hoping to do the same this year but things are alittle harder this year.

    A Great Big Pat on The Back

    to the guy in calif.
  5. alblancher

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    This guy is in Baton Rouge,  we know about the guy in California  and a big WELL DONE to both of them!
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    It doesn't take much to help out someone who needs it.
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    The Three Weeks of Christmas w/ THUMBTECHS has kicked off. THUMBTECHS is giving back to our community. For the next three weeks we are going to highlight one of OUR customers, that uses us for IT, that we in-turn want to give back to them, and in particular give directly to the people they serve.

    We are donating 144 blankets the Fort Worth Presbyterian Night Shelter, and we encourage everyone to go through a closet, or under a bed, and grab an old coat, hat, sweats, sweaters, or blankets, and send them down to the shelter. If you want you can also simply send them some green cash (via their website). I have included a link to their website, and a few photos of the blankets we are donating.


    My son, through his business, donates a lot (thousands) to many charities and organizations all through the year; his two cousins were twin poster children for MDA and attended benefit dances for them to raise money for MDA on Labor Day instead of doing teen things every year growing up. This year he is also donating directly to people, too.  If you live in or near Fort Worth, Tx, please join in and donate kindly used items to help; or to your own shelters, Salvation Army, or other organizations in your own communities.  A warm sweater or a blanket, some pants or a flannel shirt can bring warmth and comfort to someone without such luxury. 
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    Great story Pops,

    Congrats on doing such a good job raising your son and grandkids

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