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  1. Ok, so my mother asked if I wanted to smoke a meat for Christmas Eve. I suggested a prime rib. So she went to one of the local butchers and they gave her a beef tenderloin. She could have told her the wrong thing, or they could have gave her the wrong thing. But regardless, I need to prepare a 10 pound tenderloin now.

    I like the idea of it, since its the better cut of meat. However, I was prepared to smoke a prime rib and have no idea the best way to prepare this loin. I planned on cooking the Prime Rib, low and slow with a little smoke. Tenderloin, in my experience is best cooked hot and fast, which throws a wrench in my plan, to say the least.

    So any advice would help, but the kicker is it is supposed to rain all day the day I cook it, which could take hot and fast out of the equasion.

    What should I do? Has anyone had a good experience cooking a beef tenderloin on the smoker, or should I scrap that idea and just use a gas grill on high heat? I can cook it either way, but my preference would be to do it with coal.

    What do you guys think is my best option?
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    Reverse sear. Low and slow with smoke, then sear it off.
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    Yep yep.  225 chamber temp for a nice consistent edge to edge color.  Pull it about 5-10 degrees earlier than your target temp and roll it around on an insanely hot grill for 5 to 10 mins to sear the outside (or throw it in a 500+ degree oven for 5 to 7 mins.)
  4. TThanks guys. Basically I'm looking at cooking it about the same as I had planned with the Prime Rib, except pull it off a little early and sear?

    I'll probably let it reach 125 or so, then sear at 6-700 for a few mins, does that sound ok for medium rare? I figure I will go light on the smoke, since some of the people eating it don't like smoke as much as the others.

    Before anything else, thanks a million for the help, as I was lost on this one, its my fist beef tenderloin outside of an oven. I do have a couple more questions though, if you can help out.

    One question is I know its done when its done and I will be trusting maverick in that, but how many minutes per pound is usually for this type of beef at a consiststent 225? Also, should I baste this with garlic butter, which is our go to flavor with beef, or just leave it alone and serve garlic butter on the side? I plan on just rubbing it in salt and pepper tomorrow and letting it rest for a day.

    Thanks again, you guys are the best.
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    At 225 a tenderloin should reach 115-125 in about 2 hours. Maybe a bit more but not much. Because it cooks so quickly, I would t go too much higher as the sear will drive the temp up QUICKLY!!
  6. Thanks. I was curious how much quicker it would cook. I knew it would be quicker, but had no idea it would be that much quicker.

    If I happen to start it early to make sure its done.. Would I have a problem pulling it when needed, then wrapping it and tossing it in a cooler. Then searing it right before dinner?

    My biggest obsticle it seems is going to be timing the reverse sear, as I don't want it to be done too early, then sear and have to wrap, that would ruin the sear..
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    Just an FYI, the tenderloin is going to cook quicker not because of the weight, but because it's thinner in diameter.   If it gets done early, yes, you can toss it in a cooler.  I'd let it rest and allow the carryover cooking to stop before wrapping in foil, otherwise, it will cook even more.    

    Depending on your smoker, you might also be able to slow the cook down by dropping the chamber temp if it's going too fast.  Conversely, if the cook is going to slow, you can ramp the chamber temp up a bit if need be.    I've had to do this in the past when dinner plans suddenly changed.  Something came up and while I was shooting for 5pm, I was told that dinner was pushed back to 6pm.   No problem, I opened my chamber door to vent the heat and drop the temp and then turned down the burners.   Chamber temp dropped to just under 200 which slowed the cook down.
  8. I have done whole beef tenderloin both ways, and generally like the high heat method because the meat flavor is pretty subtle and easily lost to overwhelming flavors from too much smoke or strong spices. The neat thing is when its cut the inside is exposed but its a steak cut. Tender is almost a poor word. Its a special meal, dont over do it. Let the natural meat flavor lead the way on this one.
  9. Everyone chiming in is pretty much spot-on, I've done quite a few of these, and there's not much out there that can compare in juicy, tender, almost don't need a knife meat.

    You might want to try using a little thick worcestershire sauce (now called bold steak sauce) as an adhering agent, then a simple rub of SPOG.  They don't take long to cook, 225 until you hit about 125 IT. A 10 lber is pretty big, but as others have mentioned, it's all about the thickness. I'm guessing about 2-2.5 hrs, depending on temp, wind, ,etc.   I would not do the garlic if you are going to sear it afterwards, That high of heat will burn the garlic, imparting a bitter taste.  Better to serve on the side.

    Good luck, and be sure to send some pics!
  10. Sounds good guys. I will likely start it early, due to the weather forecast for tomorrow, wind and rain all day tomorrow. If it gets done early ill wrap it and toss it in a cooler until its time to sear, as I'd rather go that route as opposed to everyone waiting on me lol. I will be sure to post pics. Thanks again for all of the help, I was totally lost on this one.

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