Hurricane brisket and jerky

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dogman60, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. dogman60

    dogman60 Fire Starter

    Started a brisket this am in preps
    For "Matthew" possibly impacting East Coast of Florida this week . Smoked some jerky Yesterday and although everyone jokes about the H-cane parties we take it seriously . Anyways the ability to prepare foods that can last always a huge help
    In keeping the family healthy. 8 hour brisket in the MES . Smoked and stored a few pounds of jerky (london broil) . I keep in the large mason jars and placed about 3 fingers of rice to help with moisture....
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Sounds great, but

  3. dogman60

    dogman60 Fire Starter

    Before and after on the brisket coming
    Jerky .....
  4. dogman60

    dogman60 Fire Starter

    Hurricane" bun brisket ". Winn Dixie had these small flats packaged - so got one for
    Sandwiches ...used pecan and cherry mixed ..
  5. smokinal

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    I'm doing ribs, beans, cole slaw, & creamed corn today.

    Plenty of leftovers for the storm, which I hope stays out in the Atlantic!!

  6. dogman60

    dogman60 Fire Starter

    Shutters up and time for a temp check and slice and dice for the brisket flat . 9.5 hours ,pecan and cherry chips - foiled at 7 hrs and added tart black cherry juice the
    Real stuff and flavor and texture fantastic
    Trimmed and sliced for the cooler ready for Matthew who is uninvited and not having any !! Anyone in the path stay safe .
    Dk ....
  7. chestnutbloom

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    Great smoke! Be safe! [​IMG]

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