Huli Huli Skinless Breast ala Case

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by slysmoke, May 25, 2015.

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    So Thursday night I made up some of Case's Huli Huli marinade,, and tossed in 8 skinless breast with the intention of cooking them up on the mini on the beach in the Outer Banks of NC.

    Well as so often happens, life got in the way, 8 year old turned his ankle badly playing basketball at school Friday, so our Outer Banks plans went down the drain, an 8 year old on crutches in the sand is not a pretty picture.

    Fast forward to Sunday and I rediscover the breast that had been soaking up Huli goodness since Thursday, so smoked them in the Smoke Hollow 38 gasser for a couple of hours:



    I did heat up the leftover marinade, basted the breast a few times about 1:30 into the smoke, smoked over a mix of apple/pecan, no kiawe wood here [​IMG]

    Sorry , no plated pics, did plate them with some rice with a little of the Hului sauce tossed in, and some Hawaiian rolls, but no potato-mac, unfortunately.

    Will absolutely do this again, possibly with a spatched bird next tine. 'Thanks for the thread Case!
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    Did someone say huli huli?


    Nice smoke sly!

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    Those breasts look good enough to eat. Good job.

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