How tight should the lid be?

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  1. Finally getting around to building my mini and have a questions about the lid. I am using a SJ Gold with an Imusa pot so I am having to adjust the top of the pot for the SJ lid to fit. My questions is with all materials cold how tight should the lid fit? I know I am probably over thinking this. Right now it kind of springs on and off, when it gets hot will the fit be more tight or will it loosen up? I want to keep it tight so it is more efficient when cooking but I can't decide how tight is to tight. 

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    You want a fairly loose fit when it's clean and cold. Mine gets stuck once it heats up and the smoke makes it sort of sticky. Don't worry about it being air tight. The natural convection prevents the lid being a source of intake air. If it leaks a little smoke that's fine too, it's not like you're wasting it. There is plenty in there to smoke the food.
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  3. That makes perfect sense, why couldn't I think of that? lol Thanks for the help and input.

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