How much smoke can a given meat absorb?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sydann, May 27, 2016.

  1. sydann

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    I have read on several sites that when smoking different meats that they can only absorb so much.

    We can smoke a brisket for 10 to 24 hours depending on technique and equipment. But when does the meat say I can't absorb any more. The same  question for ribs and pork butt. some wrap some don't wrap. The amount of smoke should almost be a given number of time as compared to cooking temp and end point temp. I know when meat is done it is done. But are we continuing to smoke for no more result?
  2. joe black

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    I have read several differing opinions. One is that meat will only absorb smoke for about two hours. Another is that meat stops absorbing smoke at 140*. While another says that meat will absorb smoke as long as it is in a smokey environment.

    I don't really know if any of these methods is right, or if any of them is correct. I've never spent any time in my smoker when it's rolling. What I do is keep smoke wood or chunks in the FB on top of my cooking wood (usually oak) for about 2 hours. The result is a good flavor but not too smokey. On the other hand, I would probably enjoy the oak by itself.

    Just experiment, try different things and different times and enjoy the trip. Good luck, Joe.
  3. Sydann i have read in my smoking books that most all meats take smoke for the first two to three hours ( according to what meat) the you can just use the heat of your smoker to finish. BUT i use a stick burner, and i cannot turn off the smoke, so i would say, its the wood you use, that makes a smokey taste meaning too harsh of a smoke.

  4. c farmer

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    Yea, your going to get all kinda answers.

    I don't know the answer, but I cant see how a piece meat can quit taking on smoke as long as the smoke is still going. 

    Maybe the meat quits absorbing smoke but the bark doesn't.

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