How Many Racks ?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by sunbeds, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hi guys I am new to smoking , and i have a bradley smoker and was wondering if some one could tell me how many racks can you cook in it sucesfuly so they are all ready at the same time , or is it the bottom racks will always be ready first , as I have tried it twice now and the bottom rack of ribs our all ways the more tender and moist ?
  2. raptor700

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    Not familiar with the Bradley, I'm sure someone will be along shortly to help out
  3. sprky

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    What method are you using to smoke the ribs? May make a difference.
  4. Well the first two times I have just had the ribs in the smoker for 4-5 hours. I did not know about the tin foil bit, 2-2-1. And 3-2-1. What's theb diffrence in these two different methods of 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 ?
  5. smokinal

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    3-2-1 for spares & 2-2-1 for BB's. Most people start out with these numbers then tailor them to their own taste. More foil time makes more tender ribs.
  6. Hi smoking Al well it's almost 9 pm Friday night. I got home from work and picked up Eight racks of Baby Backs for a two day rib feast, I am doing a tester tonight and have one Rack in my Bradley smoker which I put in about one and half hours ago, then like you say transfer to Tin Foil with a little apple juice and apple cider vinega and slight hint of Jack Daniels liquid. In about 30 mins time and then after that another hour in smoking , so my ribs should be ready by mid night. Just one thing is it worth mopping the ribs with one of my sauces with the last half hour of cooking or just mop them when I take them out ?
  7. smokinal

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    I'm a little late here, but I mop mine for the last 1/2 hour. I also finish them on a grill the last half hour so they get a nice crust on them. I do BB's, 3-1.5-.5.

    How did yours turn out?
  8. Right guys sorry for the delay but heres my first couple of goes from a amature English man [​IMG]
  9. and another guys [​IMG]
  10. big sexy

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    They look good to me.  How did they taste?
  11. Fantastic. Used the Rib Rub recipe on here. Very good indeed and the based them with a bit if Stubbs sauce. Mmmmm :yahoo:
  12. sunman76

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    looks pretty tasty from here [​IMG]
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    Glad they turned out good for you - they sure look good 
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    They look very good
  15. Thank you for your praise.
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    They look great Thumbs Up
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    sunbeds, welcome to SMF, and the ribs look fantastic.[​IMG]

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