How long to create smoke for pork butt?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by pahunter53, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Assuming, to keep it simple, my pork butt this weekend is gonna take 10 hours to smoke.  I had a few questions.....

    Do I create smoke the entire time until it hits 195?  If not how long should I actually create smoke?  Is 5 hours enough time in the smoke?

    Whats the best way to get a good bark on my meat?  

    Plan on smoking early sunday morning on my new Master Forge.  Any other advice is gladly welcomed.  Thanks!
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    BE prepared for it to take longer than 10 hours.

    I typically keep the smoke going the whole time. If 5 hours is all you can that is fine.

    I would take the butt to 205* if your going to pull it.

    Best way to get bark is to not foil it during the cook, smoke in a dry smoke chamber (NO water in the water pan) , and don't spritz with anything.

    Good luck and show us some Q-view!!!
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    Some folks say that after the temp hits about 165 - 170 degrees that the meat "seals" and will no longer absorb smoke. 

    At that point, you can use straight heat to finish the process.  This saves wood or pellets.  Now if you are using the Master Forge propane setup you can just cut out the wood or pellets and presto you are in good shape. 

    Since I use a stick burner, I can either use charcoal or wood and still get a good finish.

    I have done both, and enjoy the bark.  BUT the home boss [​IMG]  prefers a softer product so guess who wins.  I generally have to wrap so there is no bark.

    Additonally, in a pinch you can actually finish in an oven if the weather becomes a factor or you run out of propane for some reason.

    Either way good luck with your pork butt.
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  4. I go with 6-7 hours of smoke so the last chunk of wood is added around hour 5.  For my tastes that provides a nice smoke flavor without going bitter, everyone is different though.  I usually take the butt to 195 and it pulls without problem, never gone beyond about 198 that I can remember.  As for time, the shortest amount of time a butt has taken me is about 12 hours but that may be because I keep the smoker at or just below 225 and don't like letting it go over.  The last couple butts took about 16 hours without foil.  It's a labor of love.  I am starting to finally learn it's better for the meat to be done an hour early than 2 hours late so give yourself an extra couple hours.
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