How Long Can Beef Brisket Stay In Fridge After Opening (+Live Smoking Feed)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by adam d, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    I trimmed my brisket similar to what Aaron Franklin does, as I watched his youtube video to learn how to trim it. Man im tired... COME ON WEBER GET UP TO TEMP! 192... Okay stop fooling around, very funny, going backwards on me... im losing my mind.

    Not liking this overnight cook. I'm cold, and sleepy. UGH 190! seriously, you little....

    Grrrrrr 194 there we go... seriously im losing it, lol. NEED SLEEP


    GET UP THERE YOU *****
  2. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Another update... few minutes went by and the meat temp dropped to 145 and the smoker wouldn't get past 190... so i went outside, removed the middle portion and moved the coals around a bit to get more of that ash off them and to help them get a bit more air... re-did my vents to verify that 2 of them are at 50%.
  3. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Get yourself a IQ-110 or 120. Set it going before you go to bed and check it again when you wake up. It takes all the hard work out of temperature control on long smokes.
  4. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Ohh that's a bit more cost effective than the other solutions I saw. I'll ask for it for my bday (in March).

    We're back on track now... temps at 201 and slowly raising, good good. I'll be in bed soon, muhahaha (yes losing my mind due to lack of sleep, 2 hours is NOT enough)... and i still have to wake up in 2 more hours from now to check on things
  5. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    It's 5 am. I went back out there and REALLY shook the coals up, as my previous attempt, was a failure. NOW she's back up to temp. 230 right now BARELY climbing, good. 149 on the meat temp, good. So we're back in business... TIME FOR SLEEP!
  6. brooksy

    brooksy Master of the Pit

    Aren't over nights fun?!? Ive done quite a few and they are rough but when you see those happy faces eating that delicious food it will all be worth it. I normally can get a good hour out of the splits I put in the beast so little 45 min naps thru the night. Can't wait to see the final product. You got this!!
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  7. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    So I was sleeping so peacefully I didn't even wake up to stop the cat from attacking my feet, made it part of my dream. Kept dreaming my wife saying "is it ready" - In/Out of sleep i'd check the temp, went to hit the light button on it when it started beeping (faith).

    7am now folks she has a BEAUTIFUL color man ohh man i wish i didnt leave my phone inside to take picture, but its cold im not going back outside.

    Temp dropped to about 214 and she beeped.. Thats smoker temp.

    I went out,moved coals around, actually added some more, since I have a full water pan its going through the charcoal.

    Temps up to 196 now (i had taken mid off so it dropped). Waiting for her to hit 220 before.. yup back to bed.

    Meat temp is 172.. (trumpet fanfare) - she rose from my scary 145.

    Meat texture... nice and moist still. The water pan sure keeps her moist so it's not burning. I hit it again with the squirt bottle of apple juice anyway.
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  8. Well ?????   Don't keep us in suspense     What did I say in post #10 

  9. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Come on you know how this works. It's not DONE till it's DONE!

    It's 9:40am now. Internal temp of 190. Smoker temp was around 230 (since that 5am stir up it maintained the temp and I got to sleep).

    I went outside, kicked the side and sired the coals a bit... temps up to 260 in the smoker now.

    Trying to make it a bit higher now, since I want a good bark.

    Check out the photo. It looks good. A fork in the burned ends part was nice and tender. In the main part, where the fat was/is ... it goes in, slight resistance still. It's almost like I was sticking a fork in maybe an apple, only slightly easier to put the fork in the meat. The meat is juicy though... it looks burned but it's not to the touch, it feels nice and plump.

    Whatcha think I should do. Pull it at 192 or wait longer?

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  10. I know you had a rough night, but from what I see so far it will be well worth it, Can't wait to see it sliced

  11. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    I pulled it as it reached 192... wrapped it in two layers of foil, she's in a blanket in the cooler now for an hour or two

  12. That bark looks fantastic,   one just cant rush perfection !

  13. crazymoon

    crazymoon Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Adam, keep us posted on your smoke !  [​IMG]
  14. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Well it's done. I sliced a few pieces off. It came out nice. It pulls apart easily, the burnt ends are nice and tender and juicy. I have to be honest and say I'm not a BIG fan of the rub I used ( - old brisket #2), it's a bit on the spicier side, but still tasty (we're not big spice/heat fans in my house). Next time I'll try the stand by salt and pepper... but ya know what, i'm so happy with the results. It came out PERFECT. It's just amazing the transformation... here are a few photos.

    BTW how do I store this? Right now I only ate a few pieces I cut off, I put it back in foil and it's sitting on my counter now. Do I just let it cool just like that and store the entire thing in my fridge? It won't last more than a few days. I'm going to give some to my neighbor and take some to work. It's really just me who's eating in the house now.

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  15. I think it turned out great (from the pictures) sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your rub,  Experiment with different rubs on meats that are cheap and don't take as long, you'll land on one you like. On brisket I only use salt and pepper.

    Here is one of my briskets

  16. crankybuzzard

    crankybuzzard Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    First overnights are a PITA, but the results rock! Looks like you nailed it too.

    Did you have an insulating cover over the smoker? That could assist when it's as cold as it is.

    For rub experiments, I get a large chuck roast, cut it into quarters, season each a quarter differently, put them on the smoker, and cook until done. Then I place each quarter on its own plate with a number. Then folks I have over can sample each piece and let me know what they think. Works well with beer or other adult beverages.
  17. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    That's a great idea Cranky. I'll try that as I have 3 other rubs from the same place I want to try out. How long do you smoke the chuck for typically? 190 internal temp?

    I did not use an insulating cover... it held its temp just fine. I had to add more coals at 5am like I wrote, but other then that time frame, it maintained the temp all night long.

    I kept waking up scared because no alarms were going off, but all was good.
  18. I think you did a great job, first overnighter and brisket    [​IMG]



  19. crankybuzzard

    crankybuzzard Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Yep, 225 until you hit 190 or so. I like the chuckies to almost shred. Lots if fun watching folks try and pick the spice!
  20. adam d

    adam d Smoke Blower

    Dinner tonight. I know some guys don't like BBQ sauce but this Sweet Baby Rays I got at the supermarket, the wife and I love it. And without it the meat is a bit dry and a bit spicy for me. So the BBQ sauce mellows it out and adds a sweetness to it. Good stuff. I think my next brisket I'm going to mix the BBQ sauce with some worchester sauce and then use salt/pepper only. And halfway through maybe mop it with some BBQ sauce, make it on the sweeter side...


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