Hopefully the last what to use in the pan question

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    Okay I know I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill but now I think I'm just obsessed with it or just being anal but here it goes.
     I know water is the best thing for the pan and some do other things like the clay saucer,sand and just foiled. The clay saucer and just foil people say to make an air pocket under the pot or foil. I'm pretty sure the only reason for this is to keep the drippings from burning as they drip or is there more to the air pocket? The reason I ask is I'm considering taking 2 round pieces of sheet metal say maybe 1/8" thick or a little thinner, one 15.5" and the other 17.5" and placing them in the pan so it creates 2 air pockets. Of course they would be wrapped in foil, does this sound like disaster in the making or does it sound like something that could possibly work as a heat shield and diffuser? Currently I'm using sand but do not care much for it. Like I said if this doesn't sound like it'll work  I still have water to fall back on and no more what to use in the pan questions. Thanks for being patient ya'll
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       [​IMG], Use what you want, I do beercan Chicken fairly often,you know- wash Bird,drink half the beer and shove it up the keester to make a tripod and go............

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