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Discussion in 'Pork' started by tumbleweed1, Aug 13, 2015.

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    Another Thursday (my day off), so another day I get to smoke. Today it will be ribs. I told myself that after my last few go 'rounds with ribs not using foil that I would give it another chance, but today's not going to be that day.

    This cook will be from a recipe I'm using from a cookbook I have here, written by a guy who knows a little about BBQ. His initials are MM. I'm sure you know who I mean (not trying to push a competitor's wares). This is a fairly involved recipe, but it's supposed to produce money-winning ribs- we'll see. When I say involved I mean I had to make a marinade out of ginger ale, orange juice, soy sauce, salt & a couple packets of Ranch dressing mix to start. Now I've never marinaded ribs in my life, but I followed the recipe. It said to only marinade them for 4 hours, so that's what I did.

    Then I needed to make the sauce (Hog Glaze). This is one of the more unusual sauces I've seen. The first ingredient was a vinegar sauce, which I had to cook up. It consisted of apple cider vinegar, ketchup, hot sauce, salt, ground black pepper, red pepper flakes & sugar. After about 20 minutes of cooking that up I assembled the other two ingredients ingredients for the sauce- apple jelly & corn syrup. I had to mix it all up in the blender & then I bottled it up.

    Next it was time to make the spritz- apple juice, white wine vinegar & squeeze butter.

    By then it was time to remove the ribs from the marinade. I then patted them dry & put my rub on.

    Meanwhile out on my deck, I got my MES30 going at 260 & added my recently-acquired peach wood. I'm going to use some of the drippings for some maple & brown sugar beans, the recipe I got from another cookbook from the Chris Lilly BBG cookbook.

    The ribs are in the smoker & in fact it's almost time to go out & rotate the racks around so here's a few pics up until I put them in about 45 minutes ago.

    Silver skin removed-

    Marinade ingredients-


    Got my rub on-

    In they went-

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  2. Been there and done that.... You will be impressed by the flavor... I agree, too, that it is a very detailed recipe and it takes as long to make all the merinade and glaze as it takes to cook the meat. It's fun tho... What I got out of it, most of all, was the way it made me think about what other flavors might blend well the next time.... If you get a chance, the cabo beer can chicken is awesome as well.... Let me know how they turn out.
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    Thank you for the hope. After reading some of the reviews of this recipe, I almost planned on only doing HALF the ribs with it & using my BBG Championship Red Sauce on the other half. I had another guy tell me he made it & really liked it as well, so I'm sticking with it. Thanks for the tip on the chicken too.

    I've been spritzing every 20-25 minutes, so I'm sure I'll probably add 30 minutes or so to the cook, but they're done when they're done. I went out a while ago & rearranged the half slabs, spritzed & stirred the beans. It'll probably be another 2 hours or so.

    About halfway there-

    Stirred the beans-

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    Well I'm thinking about an hour so left, but we'll see. I flipped the racks one last time & spritzed again. Still giving it (& the beans) the peach wood.

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    The Hog Glaze, she's purdy.....

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    Beans are out & foiled to keep warm.

    I'm not seeing the meat pull back like we like yet, so we're still going. It's been 4 hours but I've had the door open more on this rib smoke than any other due to all the spritzing. The next time I open the door now I'm hoping it will be to put the Hog Glaze on.

  7. Looks good.. tell me how they taste
  8. b-one

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    Hope there worth the work! I'm not a fan of ranch in the least let us know if you can taste it!
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    OK, so it got late & we actually didn't eat until about 8:30 pm. By the time we were done & had everything cleaned up, I was ready for bed.

    So the Hog Glaze is a hit. Very sweet at first & then some heat in the back of your mouth/throat- really good. We were already thinking last night about other foods we could use this on, like chicken wings. I don't honestly think I could taste the marinade at all, though. With the fruity sauce being subtle at first, the rub DOES comes through, but then you get that nice bite almost as an aftertaste- very nice. I'm also not sure all the spritzing was worth it. I mean, I spritz, but not usually as often as this recipe called for & I'm not sure if it actually added any flavor or not. Being that I had the smoker door open so much during this smoke & the fact it had me cooking at a lower temp than I normally do ribs at, it took considerably longer (about 6.5 hours). The other thing was the peach wood. I kept the wood going through this whole smoke, as I wanted it in the sauce we added as well, but we could hardly taste it. I believe peach wood for me alone is just not heavy enough. When I use it in the future I may mix it with some hickory. It was just too faint. The beans were good, but I like Dutch's better.

    Over all I'd say I will definitely use this glaze again, but will use a stronger wood, forget about the marinade & spritz & cook'em at my normal temp- 275. I think they would be even better & I could have them done in 4-4.5 hours.

    Glazed & ready to go back in for the last 20 minutes-

    Out of the smoker-


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    We really like the flavor of the glaze. I too, have started thinking about other, possible sauces (maybe with different-flavored jellies, like blackberry, or going with a cranberry-based glaze). I would just want to be careful to make sure whichever flavor I'd use could handle/blend with the heat of the vinegar sauce that's also part of it's recipe.
    The taste was excellent, as the glaze is SO nice.

    I did not taste the ranch OR the ginger ale/orange juice/soy sauce marinade. I'm also NOT a fan of Ranch, but do use it in a number of recipes where I can't detect it.

    Thanks for checking this out.

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  11. I knew you would like em.. I agree with you on the spritz... I think its more to keep the meat moist than for flavor... I didn't go by the recipe, because I don't like opening my smoker that often. I used Post oak and peach wood for the cook, to me, fruit woods are all a little weak on the smoke... Glad it was a successful cook for ya.
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    Next time- no marinade, less spritzing, hickory wood & 275 degrees.

    Ain't the flavor of that Hog Glaze beautiful, though? Especially after it sets up nice & sticky.

  13. Yeah, the glaze is great. and I too cook around 275... My fat belly waits 6.5 hours for NOTHING...LOL. I use my standard pork rub and the glaze compliments it very well. I also used the glaze on pulled pork... After I take the butt off the pit, I let it rest for an hour or so, pull the pork (what else ya gonna do for an hour, right...lol..just kidding)) aint paint the glaze over it and serve it on hawaiian bread.... It's awesome!!!

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