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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by mrh, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. mrh

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    Has anybody ever tried making a brine with the  High Mountian Jerky mixes instead of using it dry?  I would think that might be a easy way rather then having to sprinkle every piece with the dry mix.

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    That would be a question for the manufacturer.

    When I have used jerky kits I put all the dry rub spices and cure in a large zip lock then I add the meat. I shake it up good and massage the bag. Lay the bag as flat as possible in the refer to cure. Massage the bag every 6-8 hours. The rub and cure will pull moisture out of the meat and make a slight brine.
  3. mrh

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    I did ask High Mountain... they said I could give it a try but they didn't recommend it.   I figured maybe somebody here has allready gave it a try.  I have been using it the dry way for years and helped a buddy make a bunch of jerky this weekend, he used LEM mix and mixed 2.1/2 cups of water to the 5 lbs batch of seasoning.  layed down a layer of meat added some brine and kept doing that until the pan was full.  The meat absorbed pretty much all  of it and then it was smoked.... Seemed pretty slick to me.

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    I did ask High Mountain... they said I could give it a try but they didn't recommend it

    Remember all that water has to come back out.

  5. I've never made an actual marinade with it. But I normally make a paste using some olive oil and red wine or Sherry for venison. After coating all the pre cut pieces I place the jerky in bags for 24 hours, flipping and massaging them at least once at the 12 hour mark. It's always turned out really good but do end up with a few clumped pieces.

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