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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by fishawn, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. fishawn

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    Today, our 4 year old asked me how jerky was made.... I have not had much time to make it lately, so we have been buying it at Costco, Rite-Aid, Safeway, etc & (the best place) Johnson's Smokehouse in Olympia (Plug for Ron & crew which put out an AWESOME,,, well everything) ....So we decided to make our own out of Ground Beef using the HI mountain jerky seasoning I got from Cabela's a while back.......EASY-EASY-EASY describes it. (I have done it several times before, so new or first time jerky makers take note it has never failed just follow the instructions)
    My "assistant" & I first seasoned up 1# of regular hamburger from the grocery store with the ratio suggested on the HI mountain Jerky cure box & let stand about 24 hours in a plastic wrap roll. (I made him wash his hands a lot throughout the whole process)....Then we loaded up the Jerky Shooter with cured/seasoned hamburger "chunks" (wet hands will help loading the Jerky Shooter) so it was full. He was the "trigger" man & I was the guide hand on laying the soft jerky mix onto a mesh screen....

    Then came a really neat part of the process for him, he got to pick out which wood chips we would use in the smoking process.....It was a big deal for him to tell mom that he selected Apple-AND-Hickory for the smoke on our Jerky & he put equal parts in the smoker pan & Into the smoker it went. About 5 minutes later, smoke came rolling out of the smoker & daddy & son were both smelling like Apple/Hickory smoke on their sweatshirts, loving a nice Spring evening on the patio. Dad had a little smell of beer mixed with smoke on his sweatshirt, as he accidentally spilled a little beer on his sweatshirt when he noticed his 4 year old son pulling the wood chip pan out of the BIG CHIEF.....My lack of supervision.

    ANYWAY..........smoke got to the Jerky Shooter jerky on the racks, then it was transferred to the Weber grill in an offset location @ 200* for another hour to hour & 1/2. We then let it sit a few minutes & patted off the grease & had our first taste. He liked it & wanted to take some to bed with him, but dad said no.
  2. dbryson

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    Well, that's cool. Probably something he'll remember for life.
  3. kookie

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    Glad to see your starting him off young and showing him the ropes..........It will be a great monory for him amd hopely he will share the love of smoking with his kids.........Good job....................A kodak monent............
  4. desertlites

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    cool, great job dad.
  5. blacklab

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    Right on!! sounds like a great time was had by all [​IMG]
  6. shellbellc

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    Alright daddy! Started my boy off when he was young, 14 now. If I bring home salmon he asks if he's cooking it! (Dutch's Maple glazed salmon)
  7. smoke_chef

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    How children spell LOVE. ----> T-I-M-E

    Great job Dad!!! [​IMG]
  8. pitrow

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    That's awesome! Way to start 'em young and get 'em hooked on smoking!
  9. travcoman45

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    Aw come on dad, he might need a snack in the middle of the night you know! Kids love to help and learn even when they don't know it!

    Mine loved helping make horseradish, they'ed stand there in the kitchen eyes waterin and all, there mother would tell them they should go play and they wouldn't budge!

    Teach um to hunt, fish, camp and cook and you can't go wrong! Congratulations on starten down the right path!
  10. geob

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    If you removed the grease, what's the problem of a midnight snack?
    Another smoker is born.
    Great bonding.
    When we wants the car for his first date, flip back and read your post.
    Then give him the keys and money.


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