Hi from Brentwood, CA.

Discussion in 'Northern California Crew' started by jetchief, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Hi, not OJ's Brentwood, but from Brentwood in Co.Co.County. Finally found a site to get some good info from. My smoking skills leave a lot to be improved on.
  2. Welcome from Modesto. I was out in CoCo county for work not too long ago and fell in love with a little spot called Dads BBQ in Pittsburgh. Ever check it out?
  3. MJRyder,

    Haven't been there yet. I like Lumpy's Diner or Diggers Diner Both great burger joint's. Also they just opened a Johnny Garlic's here. Haven't been there yet but my son raves about it. I have been to ST.Stan's Brewpub in Modesto a few times a few years ago.
  4. Nice, I did stop at Lumpys also. Very good burger joint.

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