Help with vertical offset smoker.

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  1. I built this smoker 4 years ago. I wish I would have known about this site before I started the build because it is clear that I made some design mistakes. The FB and CC are made from a transmission power pole that went down in a ice storm in 2006. It is Corten steel, an alloy that self weathers and is not required to be painted or galvanized.  The pole is 12 sided and tapered, making it very difficult to fit it together.  In order to make the CC larger I split the pole in half and welded in a 7" wide piece cut from another section.  The CC is an oval shape, sort of.  the Corten is .210" thick.


    ·         The size is as follows;

    ·         FB-11 5/8" in diameter X 22 1/2" long, 2377 ci.

    ·         CC-18 1/4" X 22' oval X 46" tall, 14,498 ci.

    ·         The opening from the FB to the CC is about 64 si.

    ·         The stack is 3" id. X 12 1/2" tall.

    ·         The air intake is 13 si. when wide open.


    There is a 1/2 sized steam table pan in the bottom of the CC that works as a water pan and a heat deflector plate. Looking back I don't know why I left the bottom of the CC even with the bottom of the FB.  It is wasted, unneeded space.  The smoker has made a lot of great food.  Ribs, pork butts and brisket being my favorites.  I have even cold smoked bacon in it.  I use charcoal and fist sized pieces of hickory for fuel and smoke. The smoker requires a huge amount of babysitting.  The temperature swings wildly over a 15-30 minute period and the dampers don't seem to have much control. I find myself opening the door one minute to cool thing off and then having to stoke the fire with a hair dryer the next. It is often windy in my area and that sure doesn't help matters. 

    What changes would you recommend to help even out the temperature??? My geometry must be way off.  All constructive criticism is welcome, I can take it.

    Looking through FB into CC.

  2. Firebox is too short, needs to be taller to let the fire breath and create a draft. You could cut it off and mount it vertically, or fab a new one.
  3. I have more of the same material from the power pole ranging from 12" to 18" in diameter. If I were to fab a new fire box with it what diameter and height would you recommend? Should I reduce the size of the opening from the FB to the CC? Thanks

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