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Discussion in 'Bacon' started by thatcho, Dec 30, 2014.

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    So just purchased some of Waltons bacon cures one says 2lbs to on 100lbs of bellies. I only do small quantities of bellies and try to keep em to 5lb slabs. Any assistance would be great.
  2. thatcho

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    The dry rub cure says 5lbs to 100lbs

    And the maple cure says 2lbs to 100lbs of bellies
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    The maple cure is what I use on bacon.... It's 0.75% nitrite, that's why the 2#'s per 100.....

    Sooo, 5#'s of bacon, add 2% of the weight of the bacon, in cure, to the slab.... using metrics, 5#'s = 2270 grams.... X 0.02 = 45 grams of cure mix needs to be added... Using American, 5#'s X 16 = 80 ounces X 0.02 = 1.6 ounces of cure mix needs to be added to the 5# belly...
    Bag it in a zip bag... massage and turn for 8-10 days in the refer.... rinse, dry, form a pellicle and smoke..... You will not need to soak... the salt level is less than 2%... you may want to add additional salt...
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    Dave your a life saver. Thank you for the assistance. Smoke on

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