Help!!! Need advice on which smoker to buy.

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by phatbac, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. phatbac

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    Dear All,

     I am buying a new smoker in a month to three months (depends on wife etc. you know how that is) and i really like the offset stick burner. I am considering three strong candidates for the purchase at the moment...

    First is the Lang 36" Patio Original

    Second is the Horizon 16" Classic Backyard smoker

    Third is the Yoder Cheyenne series.

    I want a nice high grade smoker but I don't have a restaurant or catering business so i wont be doing a lot of smokes for lots and lots of people. once in a while i may smoke some food for everyone at work or a family in church or whatever but I don't need to cook mass quantities of food. I do however want to cook a few things at a time and want some room for flexibility. So i need something moderately size and high quality.

    If you have one of those above smokers or have any suggestions as to something else i should consider please feel free to comment.I would appreciate any opinion or recommendation you have.

    My budget is about 1500 or less.

    Thanks for the input i look forward to your comments and recommendations!

    Happy Smoking

  2. phatbac,

    I bought a Lang 36" patio about 3 months was a step up from my homemade plywood smoker. It's well made, heavy duty and holds about 70 lbs of meat.  It's about 608 lbs but easy to maneuver around the back yard.  I'm still learning the in's and out's but if I start with some Kingsford, dump a 3/4 full lit chimney and add splits I can maintain any temp between 225* and 350* all night.  I've done brisket, chicken, brats, pork shoulders and different sides.  She's easy to clean and maintain.  She has become the center of attention in the neighborhood this summer.  If you drive down to GA to pick it up you should be out just over $1100.  I know it's a hard choice but I don't regret getting the Lang.  

  3. phatbac

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     Thanks for the info Lang is my first choice but i have to have it shipped and im concerned about the weight. I may move in a year and i want to be able to move it 600lbs is a lot to move!


  4. joe black

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    Man, you have really opened a can of worms. Asking which cooker to buy is only second to "foil or no foil". I have a Bell and I love it. No you've never heard of it. Craig Bell is a small custom shop in Tulsa, OK and he builds one off smokers to your exact specification. He is great to work with and very accommodating. His quality is great and his pricing is very reasonable. You're in Winston Salem, so your freight from Tulsa should not be too bad. My smoker is 24"x48" and weighs around 800# and my freight to Greenville, SC was only $225. You can contact Craig at [email protected].
    If you want some more detailed info, PM me your email address and I will send all of the specs and pics also. Good luck, Joe
  5. phatbac

    phatbac Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks Joe. I guess it also like fat side up or fat side down. I  wanted suggestions like yours about Bellfab and anything i should know before i buy, thanks!

  6. bear55

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    Since your budget is $1500 please give the pellet smoker a look.  I own a Rec Tec and would not take anything for it.  It is exact on it's temps large enough to do 5 10lb port butts and is simply an outstanding machine.  Additionally when you buy a Rec Tec you receive a 24x7 365 phone number to call if you ever have any problems with your unit.  I know it works to because I called on Easter Sunday for what I thought was a unit problem that ended up being operator error, but they did answer the phone.

    Good luck

  7. jcbigler

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  8. phatbac

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    Thanks for the advice although i am not really crazy about a pellet cooker. I'm sure its a good unit i just want a stick burner.

    As far as the Johnson Custom i am giving that unit some consideration.

    I also found out the Lang 36 patio only weighs about 400 lbs, so i might end going with that. I really want a reverse flow cooker if i can get it. Now i just have to hope shipping isn't too high!

    thanks all for the responses,

  9. twoalpha

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    Saw you post and that you are in WS. I am just north of Lexington. Let me know if you go with the Lang as I have been considering the same.


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