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    Hello I live in Concord in the east bay area. I smoke on a UDS and grill on a standard webber. I am also an homebrewer.
  2. I smoke on a weber because I just find its faster and more consistent temp. although you don't get that cool smoked flavor.  My wife says its too intense...oh well.  Recently did some pork ribs, chickens and quail for our NFC game feast.  Unfortunately we couldn't also celebrate a Niners win. Bummer.
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    When I began grilling in the late 70s I had a cheap grill I picked up at the thrift store because that was all I could afford.  Some of my buddies had Webers and I thought those grills were the best anyone could own.  When I could afford it I bought a Weber and have been grilling on them ever since, with the exception of about ten years of propane grill temporary insanity which still pops up on occasion.

    I learned how to use my Weber Kettles as smokers and now have moved up to the 22.5" WSM.  I just love everything you can cook in the backyard whether grilled or smoked.

    Happy to add my name to the list of NorCal Smokers!

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