hello from the burbs of chicago! vertern griller,rookie smoker

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by dewetha, Sep 2, 2011.

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       I am new to this site and have been reading and researching a lot as I am really feeling the need to smoke meat! I have been working my way around a grill since 7th grade.

    I have been a charcoal user for many years but have been using a gas grill for the last 5yrs.Over the last few years I have been on a kick of making my own marinades and sauces/glazes. so I need some new challenges like making my own rubs and moping sauces:). i will start with some good commercial products until I mater the meat, then make my own.

    I am undecided if I want a charcoal or gas smoker. I looking around and borrowed a few smokers. an electric brinkman about 10yrs old and a camping type.

    I plan on tinkering with them before buying or making one. I don't have the skills to make one but I have a friend that does sheet metal work :) so I probably will over design one this winter.

    I look forward to reading this site and learning a lot.
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome hope you have some fun and good eats here !
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    Welcome, great place to learn. Happy smoking
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