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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by dramaking55, Jul 28, 2014.

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    How ya doin? I'm Michael from the home of imprisoned bureaucrats, the great state of Illinois. I am 59 yrs young with a 26 yr old son and married to a beautiful wife of 30 yrs. I love to cook and watch the Food Channel all the time. I use a Weber gas grill and just recently got the smoking bug. A friend of mine has a smoker for about 300# meat and so at a Farmers Market one day I picked up a beautiful 3# brisket and decided I would try my Coleman bullet style smoker that has been just lying around since I picked it up free on the curb of a person's house.

    Last year we downsized to a townhouse and I found that the association does not permit charcoal so my smoking plans have been put on hold. So a couple of weeks ago while at Menards I saw a Smoke Hollow 30 in electric for $120.00. I bought it and then found a couple of posts that were positive about it but I also have read where Masterbuilt is a better investment, so do I return the Smoke Hollow with just the refrigerator door and no locks btw or invest in the MB w door locks? Both are analog style so either way I probably have to invest in a wireless temp gauge. Are locks necessary and like everyone else where is the best bang for my buck?  

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    Welcome to the board! Move over everybody, another foodie in the house.

    If you're new to smoking I'd suggest you stick with the rig you have, and use it to learn the basics before you invest in something better. And see if the townhouse association hassles you. With an electric rig you're not running a fire, so you're clear on that, but if neighbors complain about smelling smoke (everyone on the board yells boo) then they might try to make you stop.
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    Welcome from Canada, Michael.


    What features are needed and/or are best are such a personal thing that I would be loathe to give advice. I am kind of with BW. Use what you have and you will decide what kind of smoking you like the best and can make better decisions based on your wants and style.

    I look forward to your posts and remember, we love pictures.

  4. Hello and welcome to SMF, I agree with Disco, It's hard to tell someone else what he or she should use, everyone's needs differ and are comfortable using different types and brands. Visit some cook-offs talk to as many people as you can and do research. Then decide.

    Gary S
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    Hi guys, I want to say a huge thank you to you for the welcome and info. Allow me to regale you with what I decided to do:

    At first, I had planned on keeping the Smoke Hollow electric but after your reply's, I started to think on it a bit more however I still really wanted that 30" Masterbuilt electric smoker and my wife spotted one on Craigslist. It was not only electric but digital and had the door with the window, never used and only $200.00! A real deal and let me tell you I love a deal like a gambler loves a full house; and there is the rub, no pun intended, because I like new things and I like the best bang for my buck. I called the guy to ask him some questions, like with this fantastic smoker, why did you not use it? Well guys, I am a strong believer in Jesus and I do believe that the Holy Spirit was telling me to listen to this man's wisdom. He explained that he was 73 yrs. old and bought it as an impulse from a store in Wisconsin because he had always wanted one. He put it together, which btw he said was a real b----h, then when it was all together he said that he couldn't imagine what got into him because as a 73 yr. old widower, he lived alone so who was going to eat all 900 square inches of smoked whatever, so he put it in the closet till he decided to sell it.

    So, I looked at my situation and realized that it was just my wife and I, I have never smoked anything though I love to cook and grill etc.and even though it was a deal, I do have a bullet style Coleman grill, smoker that I actually pulled off the street because the folks were getting rid of it. Add to that, much of what I have already read here has told me that if one really gets into this way of life there are yet still other things besides the smoker that I will be investing in, like a good wireless thermometer. So, I did the smart thing and got my money back on the Smoke Hollow and kept the $200.00 for bills, YUCK!

    Thanks for the input and helping me to be a good steward of the blessings the Lord has given us, now on to that brisket.


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