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    Hi folks, just joined today. I found the forum while browsing around for ways to modify my Masterbilt offset. I call it the Good Neighbor.

    It's not yet two years old and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I've been getting the hang of it and I see some drawbacks but it has huge potential.

    By way of background, I've been smoking for many years, but always direct, this is my first offset.

    I began smoking when camping on a friend's property; there was a legless Weber sitting in a vehicle rim like a ball in a socket (great for leveling on a slope). One day I was too cheap and lazy to drive to town for charcoal, so I gathered some windfall maple about 2 inches in diameter. I made a little fire of it and simply choked it to control it. I smoked split chicken breasts.  It worked beautifully and I was hooked.

    Over the years I've run a lot of grills ranging from gas or charcoal shoebox grills, a Lodge Sportsman, various Webers and a New Braunfels Big Texas. Plenty of campfires and a bit of dutch oven work as well. I love running the cast iron cookware over a fire.

    This is by far the most versatile rig I've used. I normally run it as an offset, but I can cook direct, over charcoal or even make a little campfire in it and grill on one or two of the three racks.

    As for modifications, it badly needs better sealing. I was looking for gasket and sealing options when I found this forum.

    The first mod I've made was a fire basket. The original wire rack was already drooping from heat, and the gaps between the wires let a lot of small lump charcoal fall through. Recently I helped a friend clear out some junk including some big dog crates with heavy wire mesh doors. I can't bear to throw out anything resembling a cooking rack or grill. So, with bolt cutters, a hacksaw, vise grips and a door frame, I made this:

    And added some side wires from a peony hoop, and gave it a test run:

    Anyway that's it for now. Next up is to get some aluminum roof flashing for a heat deflector mod, that should be easy.
  2. Good morning and welcome from East Texas, looks like you are headed in the right direction, PM Ribwizzard he uses Rutland high temp and has a certain way of applying it, I know I just saw some pictures of how he does it, anyway he will be glad to walk you through it.

    Gary S

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