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  1. I am from Southeast Iowa! I am just recently learning to to dry meat. Venison in particular. I am having fails and success trying to make jerky!

    I work at Iowa State Penitentiary in Maintenance, I am married, and mother of 3!

    This year was my first year deer hunting! I was able to harvest a doe! So exciting! Our group did very well this year, and we made burger, minute steaks, stew meat, roast, loin steaks, and jerky. We normally do brats, sticks, and bologna with the late doe season. Iowa unfortunately isn't doing that this year!
  2. Hi Sarah!

    Congrats on your kill, and best of luck on your smoking journeys. Dont give up girl, "just keep smoking, just keep smoking, just keep smoking!!! ":welcome1:
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    Welcome from SC, Sarah. It's good to have you on this great site. Congrats on the deer.
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