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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by hawg heaven, Jun 13, 2014.

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    Well, this is my first smoking Forum. I am an Arkansas boy that joined the Air Force shortly after high school. I have always loved BBQ. One thing that I have learned about traveling with the military, it is hard to find great BBQ unless you are stationed in certain areas. This is what originally led me into smoking my own meats. I started smoking meats a couple of years ago when my wife bought me a 8 in 1 cooker or something like that. It was gas or charcoal. I never used it for anything other than smoking though. It was a very cheap start but at least it was a start. The first thing I smoked was a ham and since then I have smoked around a dozen boston butts. They have all turned out great. So, for Father's day this year, my wife bought me a Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker. Since I have more than one rack, I am wanting to start smoking more meats. I am interested in any tips I can get and willing to try new stuff. Smoking a Brisket for the first time tomorrow. Scared and excited at the same time. 
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us & congrats on the new toy !

    Also, Thank You for your Service !
  3. Hello and welcome from East Texas, how did that brisket turn out ?

    Gary S
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    The brisket turned out pretty good. I didn't get the smoke ring that I wanted but I could definitely taste the smoke. My pork butt stalled on me which was a first for me. It still turned out great. My next feat will be a fatty. I never heard of one before coming here and now my mouth waters every time I see a picture.

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