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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by alra195, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. alra195

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    Hello everybody. I've been lurking around the board for around three years. I took Jeff's Five Day Course a couple of years ago and have been applying the lessons learned from it and the other resource here with excellant results. I've been getting the news letter and figured it was about time to step out of the shadows and get to the next level. I've been using my ECB with really pretty good results, expecially on ribs, using the 3-2-1 method.

    I live and work in wonderful SW Ohio. I'm the manager at a local flood control project (yep, I'm the preverbial "Dam Manager" sometimes with the "n", just depends on who I making unhappy at the time!). I hunt and fly fish as much as work, my wife and my 12 year old son and 15 year daughter will allow, which isn't nearly as much as I'd like. When I'm pinned down at the house I like to crank up the smoker and relax while turning out tasty offerings for the family meals.

    Rescently I've been looking to move up a grade on my equipment. I've had fun with the ECB but the kids can pound down more ribs that the unit will hold and I'd like to try gas to minimize my time tending a charcoal fire. Given that I've been running through all the post regarding the GOSM and have been looking seriously at it as my next step up. Walmart seems to have the best price on the 3405BGW at around $139.00. If I understand the numbering system this is the 34" Big Block unit. Opinions on the site seem to indicate this is an exceptable gas smoker but I'm open to other suggestions and recommendations as long as we stay near the $200.00 mark.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for any info or feedback. I'm looking forward to a greater level of participation and continuation of my learning experiance hear on the site.

    Joe B.
  2. smoke_chef

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    Hey Joe,

    I don't have any feedback on the GOSM but wanted to welcome you to the site. Glad you decided to jump in here with a post. Good luck with your search and be sure sure to come back with q-view.

  3. jseiber

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    Hi Joe,

    Welcome to SMF.

    I have the same Gosm model that I bought from Walmart. The actual dimensions "Product in Inches (L x W x H): 14.0 x 20.0 x 35.0" are not exactly what the product description reads. "Great Outdoors Grill Co. 34" Wide Body Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker" It is 20" wide and 34 or 35 inches tall.

    But with that said, I really like it. It does a really good job. So far I've had it full a couple of times, but I've usually not needed any extra space.
  4. richoso1

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    Welcome to the SMF, a great place to learn and share. The smoker you described is the wide body model, if you can fine one, go with the bigg block. You can always use more Q room.
  5. Just wanted to jump in here and give you a welcome from one buckeye to another. As you know by now, this is the place to be. WELCOME!!!
  6. alra195

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    I've been trying to locate a Big Block but the Great Outdoors Company Web site says the model is not available. If anyone has a recommendation on a point of sale for one of the Big Blocks I'd be more than willing to take a look. More room would certainly be better than less!

    Joe B.
  7. meowey

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    Welcome to SMF! I got my GOSM from Gander Mountain. Cabela's may also be a good place to look!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  8. bbqgoddess

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    Finally Joe!
    What took you so long?? LOL!
    Good luck with whatever you decide to go with, we will be waiting for those Q-VUES!
  9. waysideranch

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    Welcome Joe. Happy smoking.
  10. bb53chevpro

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    Welcome to the forum.
  11. gooose53

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    Welcome to the SMF!! Friendly folks and lots of good info here.

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