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  1. My wifes grandmother has decided its time to sell her house and distribute some of her belongings to children and grandchildren.  So we've been spending time going through things for a while and my wife picked out a few things that meant alot to her.  The other day she was over there picking up some items and sent me a text about a "little grill" she found in the garage wanting to know if I would be interested.  Being the avid collector of junk that I am, I said sure.  Well I went to get it this weekend and this is what I brought home...  At fist I thought it had never been used but closer inspection revealed it HAD been used maybe once or twice and cleaned up VERY WELL afterwards.  The rack in the charcoal pan was not with it but I had it laying around and put it in there thinking it would help keep the coals out of the ash.

  2. kathrynn

    kathrynn Smoking Guru OTBS Member probably can find replacement parts too.

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    Very nice!
  4. I haven't even been able find a picture of one of these let alone parts! LOL  When I search smoke n pit all I can find are much bigger model.  I have no idea how old this thing is but I'm guessing its 80's model.  The first charcoal grill/smoker I had was a Smoke N Grill I got from a friend which is alot like this one but taller. 
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    pretty cool! Brinkmann has quit making that one. The last time they made it, they called it a smoke n grill model 810-2100-0

    They still have parts available on their website. Looks like it might be a fun little ECB. I would imagine some of the regular ECB mods might work on that one too. 
  6. Thanks bobank! I was able to search that model number and find pics and info!  You can actually still buy one on amazon under the smoke n grill name. I was thinking, about some of the mods,  I'm going to need some kind of thermometer for sure.  At the very least it will make a great spare unit when I need a little more smokeing room.
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    I just looked closer at the pics. the little bugger looks just like my smoke n grill only about half as tall. Pretty cool little addition to the family! 
  8. Yes I used to have a smoke in grill like you have but it was well used and not in great shape.  Its exactly like it only shorter, no thermometer, and the charcoal pan has a hole in the bottom.  
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    a mini-ecb.. nice!

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