Got a bbq this weekend for about 10 people... What to smoke?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokerace, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    So this sunday, i've got a bunch of people coming around and they'll be in and out all day, so I want to take this as a chance to try a few different things, or just something I haven't tried.  

    I've got a medium sized offset smoker, and want to do real wood all day, using Ironbark (in Australia) which is a nice clean burning wood and I might use some Cherry wood chunks for flavour with some things depending on what I smoke.  

    I was thinking some big Beef Ribs would be good as I haven't tried it, or maybe a brisket as i'd like more practice, but then got thinking about Pork Ribs & i've never done Tri-Tips & thought that could be good to try.  I haven't done much Sausage in the smoker, so i'm open to suggestions there.  Possibly some Moink Balls?

    I'm also thinking about non-meat items, like a good way to do potatoes?  I'm going to do a bit of Beetroot to then pickle too.

    Anyway, what do you reckon?
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    Do some ABT's.....or some smoked wings.....and pig candy (aka crack bacon) is great too.

    I have done a head of cabbage...doctored it up and smoked it.  That is a great veggie side too.

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    Pork shots are always a big hit.

  4. Hello smokerace.  Just my opinion here for what it's worth.  I try not to smoke everything.  I prefer the different flavors of the side dishes.  I think everything smoked with the same wood tends to have the "same" flavor.  I wrap my potatoes in foil.  Miss Kat gave you a OUTSTANDING idea with the cabbage.  It works REALLY well.  I wrap mine in foil and cook to avoid the flavor of the meat and cabbage being the same.  Corn on the cob is always an option so long as you can get it with the shuck on (leaves).  Hope it all turns out well for you.  Send us the Qview.  Keep Smokin!

  5. I would throw a brisket on there, a day ahead of time if possible, then slice it up and serve Philly cheese steak sandwiches as one option.  Then the day of the event, do some pork and beef ribs.  Some coleslaw and a potato (smoked of course) salad.  A jar of Pickles and other condiments and you will be good to go.

    [​IMG]               [​IMG]            [​IMG]
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