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  1. Well at 5:30 this morning It started with the 8 lb. Pork shoulder and later to come are some wings, some salmon, and some bacon wrapped corn on the cob . This is the first large scale smoking ive done so I hope all goes well. I guess the worst thing that could happen is I enjoy a long day of drinking beer and cooking 
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    Good luck!!  [​IMG]   Be sure to post up some qview and let us know how everything turns out!

  3. Thanks Red,

    I will definitely put some qview up when its done

  4. Half way there looking good
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    Looks great ! Thumbs Up
  6. Thanks,

    now all i have to do is keep this temp. under control i keep getting big spikes but i think i got it now
  7. Well everything turned good except for the first batch of wings. The skin was kinda rubbery im thinking I pulled them to soon but im not really sure, second turned out good I finished the on old faithful (no name charcoal grill)

    Sorry for the lack of QVIEW I had a few friends here while this was going on and beer took the place of the camera. Pork butt was great I pulled it 205 deg. Shredded pretty nice was really tender. Corn on the cob was a big hit. I boiled for 10 min. Then wrapped it think cut bacon and smoked it till the bacon was ready.

    The bigest hit of the day was something I wasnt sure of, but turned out awsome. Friday night I put 2 doz. Eggs in the smoker with some hickory for 2.5 hrs at 225. Then left them sit in the fridge over night. The next morning after I got the pork butt on I peeled them and made deviled eggs half with horseradish and bacon the other half with fresh jalapeno and bacon.Thy didnt last long! 

    I think ive found my new addiction

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