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  1. Bear with me guys this is my first post. I'm really liking the expertise that I've be reading here. Alot of great cooks. I want to know how to put a glossy glaze on my ribs at the end of the cooking. I don't want to over power the flavor of the rib though. I think it makes for a great presentation. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Do you already have a sauce in mind or are you looking for a sauce or recipe suggestion to use? I normally put my sauce on my ribs for the last hour in the smoker.
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    My experience has been in order to get that really shiny gloss you need to reduce your sauce down and add a tablspoon of butter after it has reduced by half, this makes for a shiny glaze. With that said you don't want to smother your ribs in this just brush it on to get the glaze effect that I think you are after. Something along the lines of a demi-glace, but using sauce.
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    I use a little bit of honey, the last 15 min, to get that nice glossy shine. Of course we like out ribs a little sweet so its all up to your taste.
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    I tried a technique I saw Jax use a while back that turned out some really tastey and really good looking ribs. I did the usual rub with yellow mustard, then apply as much rub as the ribs will hold, then the new part (for me) was to put 2/3 cup brown sugar on each rack. Just spread it out by hand, then let the ribs sit on the counter till that sugar melts - about an hour. That is usually when I am getting my smoker ready.

    Then cook the ribs on a lower heat 200-225°, no foil, and spritz with apple juice (or whatever) once an hour after the first 2 hrs. I was a little leary of trying this at first, thinking I was gonna end up with rib flavored candy (hmmmmm.... not a bad idea! [​IMG]). The results were fantastic, the brown sugar did not make them sweet, and they looked amazing. Then I basted over the glaze with some rasberry chipoltle sauce, and it didn't look quite as puurrty, but still looked good - and tasted awesome.
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    i use half bar b que sauce & half honey for the last hour to half & they turn out very glossy & tasty!!  of couse my family like them wet too. its very easy also!!
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    First off welcome Fly Boy to SMF. You'll likeit here for there are alot of good folks here that would just love to help you out with just about anything to do with smoking. Now for your ribs I would do the butter thing like Cheryl (Squirrel) mentioned.If you want to I would maybe add some butter to your bbq sauce at the end maybe 30-45 minutes left in your smoke.
  8. Thanks to everyone and all your great suggestions. Squirrel you hit it dead on on as far as what I'm looking to accomplish. Looking for something more cosmetic than flavor. But a little flavor improvement always helps too. That Chipotle glaze sounds awesome! Can't wait to try that too. I'm gonna love this site. Lotta knowledge, thanks for sharing!!

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