getting into to sausage making on the cheap! ?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by rackemky, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. currently im unable to work, witch yields alot of time to hunt up stuff cheaply and try new things and do lots of stuff i want to do [​IMG]. the down side is i spend alot of time in the broke house. i want to start doing sausage. dont heres what  i have currently! this project will %100 have to be budget minded. i do have a kitchen aid full size stand mixer / want to incorporate the mixer and use the meat grinder or stuffer attachement possibly? i do have 1 brinkman WSM smoker charcoal and one bigger size gas square box smoker. i have never made sausage so im totally starting from the ground up. but i can cook and do have time and knowledge in cooking. i have been smoke n bbq about 10 years. never tried curing or cold smoke? any comments or help is much appreciated but i need to buy as little as possible. want to use what i have incorporate them.



    near louisville, ky
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    I would start with something easy like fresh Italian sausage. No cure needed, you can make patties so you don't need a stuffer or casings. We make it all the time.  
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    My dad has made sausage for years, they used to do whole hog butcher parties, so he has all the "big" stuff. Nowadays, it's just mom and him, and he prefers to use the grinder attachment for the mixer. It's easier to get out and set up, and clean up. He typically wil make 5 - 10lbs of sausage t a time now. I'm just now getting the sausage making itch, and that is the route I am taking.

    A liitle off topic but along the same lines; if you sign up for bed bath and beyond's email list they send out 10-20% off coupons almost every week. Most of them are online use only, but every once in a while you get an store one. If you don't live close to a store, then it is no big deal.

    Hope this helps
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    I agree with Al - Italian or Breakfast or Chorizo can be done without any special tools. You can even buy preground pork, chicken , turkey and add spices for fresh sausage.
  5. thanks everyone for the great ideas! =) and scarbelly yea i will need to keep the sasuage lean as possible due to high fat or fried foods make my aid levels high in my body i think i have RA. but i can  still eat a little bit of the good stuff =) gotta have a lil pork.

    thanks again,


    louisville, ky

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