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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by hank2000, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Ok I know Traeger is not the best by far but it is with in my price range and Traeger is only the only one sold in my area. The dealer here priced me a Traeger little Texas for $549 out the door. (Not sure if it is the pro or not I will have to ask when I go back). It comes with the new controller two meat probes that plug in to the controller (I will still use my igrill). The cover a bag of pellets and the upper rack (may see if he give me the rack to go on the front as well if not I will have to by it) and I will have to buy the cold weather cover. Just waiting on my tax refund to come in should be this week. What do yall think is it a good deal or not?
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    Not sure on the price. I know there are a lot of Traeger owners on here. I'm sure one will be along shortly.

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    That's the cheapest I've seen them would love a Rec Tec or a GMG but that's out of my price range
  4. My only experience with Traeger, I've never cooked on one but I have examined them thoroughly in stores.  If your only consideration is cost, this is the way to go.  But, my opinion, sometimes it's good to wait until you can save a bit more and buy what you want with the quality you want.  I bought what I did because it was a good entry level pellet grill and it gave good value for the dollar.  Now that I understand pellet grilling, my next purchase will probably be another step or two up as I can afford.
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    Well not only price but it's the only sold with 100 miles of me that I can find. I may not ev n can get pellets other then Traeger with out ordering them That's what I get for leaving in a rural area
  6. Honestly I don't think that is different than a lot of us.  I have Traeger and Louisiana close enough to actually be able to touch them.  Outside of that I have to order with blind faith.  But, with the internet, forums like these and general research I have done pretty well.  As far as pellets, Menard's has Pit Boss, my local hardware has Traeger.  I order either from or  If you look at you might start a group buy option for your area and score some great discounts on pellets.  Where there is a will, there is a way ........
  7. I've had a Traeger of sorts for a few months.

    I like it a lot. It's so good at a lot of things. I've been using it like the kitchen oven and enjoying the additional smoke. That being said. I wouldn't pay retail for another one, but I sure wouldn't sell mine for what I have in it. I like a heavy smoke taste that I haven't been able to get from the pellet system. It burns too clean and my pellet tray and tube just go out because the fire pit uses up all the oxygen. I've been adding chunks to the diffuser to pick up some added smoke but they don't cook off under low smoking temps because I built the diffuser of 1/4 inch material. I need to go over 300 to get the chunks to smoke then when they are gone it's too big a hassle to replace them until next cook. That little workaround is great for hot 2-3 hour cooks. On the other hand the convenience and ease of use allow me to use it for quick things like this 

    routinely that I would not justify firing the UDS for. In fact the pellet system convenience has spoiled me to the point I just bought an ATC for my drum and paid many times what I have in the UDS. 

    My advise would be, take advantage of the deal and use the thing enough to see what it does for you. If you like it, wear it out, if not sell it at as small a loss as possible and consider the difference rent. It's a well known brand and craigslist can be your friend.

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