Georgia pork Monday cook.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by barrelcooker, Oct 26, 2015.

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    I am a new to smoking this year I started smoking meat like in March April when I baught my smoker from Home Depot but it just didn't last long until I upgraded.So today I have the day off I will be making a smoked pork butt. This cut is 8 pounds and will take a long time. I got this shoulder butt at Meijer for 1.19 a pound a steal considering 2 weeks later they were 3.36 a pound. Yikes. I will be starting the cook in 20 mins its 4:21 now. Any questions just ask will be posting live pics soon. Cooked on my personal smoker that I made myself. Custom rub and injection. Haven't started on the mop bc I will let the smoke permeate the meat for at least 2nours so that I do not ruin the bark before I have to worry about drying it out. Plz comment love to talk smoke as my girlfriend does not.🍗🍺🍺🍗🍺🍺🍗🍺🍺🍺

    Donny :sausage:
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  3. Smoker looks great! How'd the butt turn out?
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    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

    had an idea of getting a cool mop saucing tool and this time of the year i cant find them at any stores. So while i was at Walsmart i baught some hemp rope that was relativly soft $2.88 and some cherry wood.

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