Garden update Aug 22, 2012

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by daveomak, May 28, 2012.

  1. daveomak

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    I am trying "weedless" gardening this year.... My neighbor puts up corn silage in plastic bags...  It's about 10mil plastic... black one side, white the other.... and it's free.....  The picture is crooked because I have a camera in one hand and a beer in the other....

    5 Roma tomato plants.... 4 slicing and 4 pickling cukes.....


    2 gal / hour drip emitter for each plant.... straight water... no nutrients...


    Homestead heirloom at the far end.... 3 early girl tomatoes.... 2 cherry tomatoes in the container....  3 green bells... 2 reds... and 1 yellow.....   1 New Mexico Big Jim.... 1 Anaheim Hot.... 1 Jalapeno...  Cilantro and Rosemary.... 


    Garlic looks like it will be early this year.... Cherries are about 2 weeks early....


    I'm looking forward to testing this white plastic mulch....  My neighbor uses it under his cherries for early harvest and color development..... We will see and I will get back on this.... I hope your gardens prosper and all is well....  Dave 
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  2. scarbelly

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    Dave that garden is looking great.  I am putting my name in the hat for some garlic early 

    I have a 20X40 garden that is still empty due to all the stuff going on with my dad's estate. I hope to get something into the ground in the next couple of weeks 
  3. solaryellow

    solaryellow Limited Mod Group Lead

    Looks great Dave!
  4. pineywoods

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    It all looks good Dave.
  5. daveomak

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     You gotta love doing estates......  NOT.....    Take pics of the garden....  Your name is in the hat.....
     Thanks Joel....  Weeds are looking good too.... All the work sucks but the veggies are worth it.... 
     Thanks Jerry.... I'm thinking about those towers you have...  Verticle gardening, no weeding, NO tilt bed to fix the OLD back....  [​IMG]....
  6. Nice! I'd love to have a garden, even if it's small but no where here for one.
  7. daveomak

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  8. Looks good!

    Yeah, that Ag-Bag plastic is tough stuff.

  9. daveomak

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     Thanks Diggy... I keep tryin to make this a "no work" garden...  Hope this Ag-Bag works....  Yeah it is really tough stuff... Dave
  10. sam3

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    Nice set up Dave.
  11. smokingma

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    Alisha you could try what I'm doing.  I bought a topsy turvy tomatoe tree hook up (I'll get Qview when I get home tonight).  I'm growning 2 tomatoe plants (better boy and black cherry tomatoes), mini mixed bell peppers and tried to grow strawberrys.  The tree can grow 3 tomatoe plants or peppers and herbs (six different plants).

    I'll post a pictuee of mine later[​IMG]
  12. I've seen similar set ups and wondered how well they worked. I'd definitely be interested in see what you have.

  13. rp ribking

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    What kind of beer were you holding[​IMG]? Garden looks great!
  14. michael ark

    michael ark Master of the Pit

    You can make a toppsy turvey with a 5gallon bucket.
  15. daveomak

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    Made in America beer....  Miller or Milwaukee or Henry's.....   No FuFu beer for Dave.... 
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  16. daveomak

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    Look at that corn.... Neighbor was over a month ago and said my corn wouldn't get big ears 'cause it was planted too close together... He also said his corn didn't come up this year....    Well, the corn is planted 6" apart and the 3 rows are 9" apart....  I haven't had good pollination in the past so I crammed them in.....   The germination was about 95%, pollination looks to be 90+%, I'll know more when it's shucked.....  I walked on the seed after planting.... guess that helped...  also I fertilized with a complete fertilizer and threw on ammonium sulfate and wood ash from the pellet stove.... maybe the sulfur had a big role in growth....  The variety is Bodacious...  68 day var.....  I think i will be eating corn in about 4 days....  74 days after planting...   

    Check out the grapes....   WOW.... I almost sprayed them this year... Round up and 2-4 D.....   One vine died over the winter, but it has a bunch of new shoots....   The vine pictured, is now on it's 5th year....  Finally a good mess of grapes....  I'll make raisins this year and maybe read up on making wine and do that next year, once prepared....  Now that I started fermenting food, wine could be next.....  As the saying goes, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn on the odd occasion....

    This farming is coming around finally.... A lot different than a postage stamp garden in the city, which I used to do.....  There is some satisfaction in growing your own stuff....

  17. scarbelly

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    Looks great Dave - I bet that is going to be tasty. Man I love fresh corn.  
  18. Awesome pile of grapes this year...The corn looks excellent also!!![​IMG]
  19. fpnmf

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    Looking real good Dave!!

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