Fun day today - New Smoker, Ribs, Shoulder, Corned Beef Brisket

Discussion in 'Pork' started by nathan179, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. nathan179

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    So excited, got my new Dyna Glow Wide Body smoker put together and cured over a month ago but haven't had the chance to cook on it til today but oh man we're making up for that. 

    Got a 8 lb bone in pork shoulder, rubbed and wrapped for 2 days

    4 Racks of baby backs

    2 4 lb corned beef briskets, soaked out for 2 days (yes I changed water probably 8 times)

    Looking at doing 3-2-1 method for the ribs for dinner tonight (tried and true) and probably 8-10 hours for the briskets and 10-12 hours for the shoulder.  I'll wrap and chill the briskets for another meal and do the same for the shoulder.   I bring a crock pot of pulled pork into the office every once in a while and people's minds are blown.  Don't have a lot of true BBQ up here unfortunately.  It makes the whole floor smell like a smokehouse, it's awesome.  People come walking over like WTF is THAT and where can I get some!

    Anyone else up in the New England area?  I'd love to talk shop with someone local.  As much as I'm new here I love reading recipes from different regions and how people do things.  Texas briskets and hot links, Tennessee chicken, Carolina ribs, I love it all.  I'm more of a KC style cook, sweet with dark bark as that's what my family and I like. 

    We're two hours in, ribs coming out for wrap in a little bit.  Getcha popcorn ready this is gonna be good. 

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  2. mike5051

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    I'll be watching!

  3. Nothing like jumping in head first!! [​IMG]

    Have fun!!
  4. nathan179

    nathan179 Fire Starter

    Update in 30. Ribs coming out of foil and shoulder going in.
  5. nathan179

    nathan179 Fire Starter

    Ribs look great and taste better. Shoulder is taking a while to get up to temp but it looks good.
  6. Q looks great. How's the smoker running overall? Fuel usage, charcoal/chunks?, and how's the new basket design /ash tray dyna glo now provides. Did the diffuser work out with evening heat. How well did the air inlet react with adjustment's. I know it's alot of ??'s but getting mine in a week or so and want to know what to expect. Looks great and enjoy.
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  8. nathan179

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    Once you get it up to temp it holds it really really well I have to reload about every two hours maybe 2.5. At one point it was down to a few chunks and still holding 225 easily. The diffuser seems to do the job well one of the briskets was charred on top and the other on the bottom which was weird but they look good.

    The slide out ash tray isn't ideal it needs a longer runner so it doesn't fall out when reloading but I figured it out quickly. The unit leaks a little but that's nothing you can't fix. The overall finish on the unit isn't perfect for the seams and such but it's still a budget unit can't really expect it to be a Mixon for $300
  9. nathan179

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    I know it's a little dark by traditional standards but this is how we like them. Dark bark and clean bones. Overdone by competitive standards but it's a winner at my house
  10. nathan179

    nathan179 Fire Starter

    Smoke ring looking good. They were awesome
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  11. mike5051

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    Them are some nice looking ribs!  [​IMG]

  12. nathan179

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    Thanks bud. Rave reviews all around. really happy with the new smoker it was so much better than my old char broil silver horizontal offset. Never would have been able to do that much food with so little effort.
  13. bigwern

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    Man that looks amazing! I think this will be a great investment, glad to hear and see it performs as well as I'd hoped [​IMG]

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