Fresh Briskets in Michigan

Discussion in 'Beef' started by white cloud, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Does anybody from Michigan ever see fresh briskets in the grocery store.
    Besides corned beef I don't think I have ever seen one. I see folks on here from texas and say they get them for like $1.69 # all day long. I called a guy yesterday, he processes deer plus has a meat shop out behind his house and is legal. He said he probably could get some for about $2.00 # with the bone in. He lives in Capac MI. I have to call at 4.00 pm. friday to confirm. Seems like a good deal.
  2. I get all of my briskets from either Costco or Sam's Club. They have very nice meat and affordable. I picked up a couple last week in fact. I have had huge success smoking those briskets. I would give either of them a try. It was worth my membership just to get to their meat department. I am in Grand Rapids MI. Just a little south of you and they might have something in Big Rapids but I am not sure.

    Hope this helps
  3. Might try super walmart or costco. They are cryovac packed.
  4. Sorry for the mix up I forgot there is a town called white cloud over there by you, I live on the eastern side of the lower thumb near port huron.
  5. walking dude

    walking dude SMF Premier Member

    bone IN?
    never seen one of those..........
  6. Hell I don't know thats what he said on the phone. I have never bought a fresh brisket before, he did I think say lamb or beef ? I had one of my grinding machines runnin ( metal not meat ) so it was hard to hear. Maybe you get the rib bones with lamb. I bought 1/2 of a lamb the blue ribbon winner from the armada fair off this guy for $75.00 last year. Its different but good.
  7. White Cloud,
    I'm with the others. I've never seen a bone in a packer (or flat) cut of beef brisket. Sounds like the butcher is probably being straight with you but there just might be a communications gap. Might want to redo that question again with him. But, I agree with your assessment. If you can get a packer cut (whole with point still on) beef brisket for $2.00 per lb. you're probably in good shape. Let us know how it turns out.
  8. Hey Cloud... give either McNee's in North Branch or Richmond Meat packing a call. Both those places could most likely help ya.
  9. lcruzen

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    I usually pick mine up at Super Walmat in Howell. I see briskets at Costco in Brighton but they are usually trimed but I'm sure you could get a hole packer by asking one of the meat cutters there. Eastern Market is a good place to pick them up also if your ever downtown Detroit.
  10. jts70

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    White Cloud you could try Caro packing as well, Sally can get just about anything you want
  11. I should of stopped in there when I was at my dads deer hunting. How is jolly sally and ken doing. My dad lives there on mushroom road.
  12. Hillers Market also has'em.
  13. thanks for this info Jeff

    the only fresh brisket i have seen around here is at Meijers - $5.99/lb[​IMG] , yes i said $5.99 a[​IMG]
  14. Buddy of mine in Utica said "I got the packer at Restaurant Depot, however, the Super WalMart out here carries them now on a regular basis and they don't look too bad either."
  15. That is what I was thinking The price if you did see any at regular grocery store like IGA< KROGER< MEIJERS would be prime rib price. I have seen the good folks from the long horn state on here getting them for a buck 69. I don't belong to any sams. costco. The guy I was suppose to get ahold of last night didn't answer his phone. I will clarify the price and bone thing when I talk with him.
  16. flyin'illini

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    WC -- Thanks for posting . Was wondering where I could get a decent brisket as I want to try and the 3-2-1 ribs soon.

    Lou - I have never been to eastern market and really need to get down there, too.
  17. I guess i'll have to give up my secret meat store.........
    Fresh choice food's on 9 mile just west of 94, $1.79 per lb brisket's..
    no packer's although i haven't asked em for a whole yet, nice flat's and sometime's point's!
    Eastern Market has packer's for $2.19 # but i can get em for $1.99, let me know, maybe well make a trip down!!
  18. That ain't right 5.99 you can buy it here in Texas smoked for less than that! I paid 1.49 for some this week and I'm mad about it.. Before Christmas I paid .99 for some.. Good luck...

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