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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ben502, May 4, 2012.

  1. I have been reading a lot of conflicting thouhts about foiling a boston butt in the smoker. So folks are saying when you reach 165 internal you should foil with juice. Other folks say no foil for the entire smoke...

  2. rdknb

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    I do not foil mine as I want the heavier bark.  Try both ways and pick the one you like best.  Do to not foiling I smoke mine the day before, as the stall seems to be longer.  don't forget q-view
  3. im with RD on this one. you should try both and see which you prefer.

    I tried both and preferred no foil, not only for the bark but in my opinion removing the shoulder, wrapping it up, putting it back etc... is more work than I want to do in the middle of the night hahah.
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    I too quit foiling my butts.. I just leave it alone the entire time
  5. Yep, no foil here. I even quit foiling my ribs.
  6. I  do foil, but only for the last hour of so, and then for a while after the meat is taken off the smoker.  I believe it makes the meat a bit more tender and easier to pull, and I also like to collect the juices and put it back into the pulled meat.  All in prefference tho, as said try both!
  7. I'm another one of those no-foil rebels, I think the flavors and the textures are better than using the crutch; but I'm also willing to use the crutch if I'm in a hurry, or having trouble keeping the heat up in my smoker, but I reserve the foil for the resting period.

    Again, as said before, try both and find which one works best for you.
  8. I ended up going no foil and things turned out great.  All my guests loved it and i had plenty for leftovers.  The only problem with the day is i did not win more on the derby races.  

    Now my next question.  I go up with these bad boy and had them on the smoker by 2:30 am.  I see that some folks smoke theirs the day before.  when you do that do you go ahead and re pull it? if so how do you reheat it without making it dry?  or do you come off the smoker, wrap in towels and put in cooler then pull just before serving?

    Pictures below from Kentucky Derby Day! (my buddy Joe showed up with his fancy camera)

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    After I  cook it all the way, I will then pull it, and save it in like  a ziploc bag of some sort. . Next day I can then put it in a foil pan with 1 cup apple juice, then cover  with foil. Warm it up till gets up to 160°+ then your good as gold lol...

    If I plan on eating it within a few hours of finishing then yes I pull them off, double wrap in foil and put in a cooler with nice thick towels. Have kept them in the cooler for hours. When ready to serve i pull them out, pull/shred the pork and serve yumeeeeeeeeee
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     Yep what 500 said X 500...Best way to go. Pulling before cold storage for another day gets the meat out of the temp danger zone faster during both cool down and reheat. With the addition of the defatted pan juices, apple juice and/or a great finishing sauce the meat stays juicy through the reheat and service. I use a Crock Pot on high until 165- 175*F then turn down to warm to hold it. If using the Oven, place the PP in a pan as Mr500 said, then heat at 325*F until 165-175*F and serve. Foiling and storing in a cooler is one of the greatest tricks I learned here but it is really only good for 5-6 hours beyond that Pull it and Chill it...JJ
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    I do not foil until they're ready for the cooler, but you should try with and without foil to see which way you prefer

    As they say "to each their own"

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