First time smoker build - Water offset smoker

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    Hey All!

    I am looking at building a smoker out of an old air compressor tank.

    Its not going to follow a typical build as I want to make it a water smoker as well.

    My thought is to combine these two :


    photo is below. Its badly drawn and only suppose to represent the idea not the plan to build ;)

    so basically I will follow fellow members plans of a typical offset smoker however put the firebox beneath so the heat will boil water just like in Myrons water smokers. The heat will come from the steam and will help to keep the meat moist.

    It will have pipes which will funnel smoke into both ends of the smoker.

    This is an idea which I think can work but I would LOVE for people to comment and give me advice or suggestions... please! Like I said this is my first build and I want to make sure I am not being over ambitious haha!


  2. Hey Jon:  I really like your idea as its aggressive yet still appears to be well thought out. I think you ought to oversize your smoke inlet pipes from the firebox.Then on the inside of the cook chamber drop your chimney to the level of your lowest grate. That was my mistake on my smoker build which I had to correct. Last question, what sizes are your tanks? Good luck!!! 
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