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  1. I want to make some breakfast sausage for the first time. Is it ok to use collegan casing for breakfast sausage. I am looking to make some of the small links? Any help would be appreciated.
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    I can't speak for the collagen casings, I've personally never used them.  However, I've used the sheep casing which is normally used for little link-type link sausages.

    As in anything, there is varying quality in casings.  Sheep casings are thinner, break easier, harder to load onto stuffing horn, and more persnickity to stuff.  That said, it can be done, though!


    Here's some I stuffed that came out great!

    Do you have a stuffer or are you using the grinder?  If a stuffer, you need to use a 3/8" stuffing tube for the stuffer.  If a grinder, you need a 3/8" stuffing horn for the grinder.

    I use casings from Syracuse casings; they have them all preloaded:

    They're more expensive but they are American and best quality!  You get what you pay for, that is for sure!

    You would purchase 10-22 cm sheep or equiv. casings.  Be sure to oil the horn or tube and get the end of the casing stretched open to load the casing on, then slide it up the tube.  Sometimes they get 'stuck' and you need to wet them to get them to keep moving; likewise trying to slide them off when stuffing they can stick too; wetting and food grade lubricant spray helps a lot.  Don't stuff them too tight, keep them somewhat loose so you can twist them into links (3-4 turns one way, then 3-4 turns the opposite way, then again, again, etc.), or you can link them like this.. (these are regular sized links, but little links are the same:

    enjoy!  There's a link on the bottom of my post about breakkfast sausage; good basic recipe, can be stuffed or into patties!  Enjoy! 
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  3. I'm not a fan of collagen casings.
    Sheep casings would be best, IMHO, but some will say they're difficult to work with.
    My answer to that is, the sooner you start using them, the sooner you'll get comfortable with them.

    For what it's worth, I stuff my breakfast sausage into "home pack" hog casings (the diameter varies), I only make them about 3 inches long.
    They're plump and juicy.


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    Ranger, evening..... May I suggest you grind the meat and add a basic seasoning and fry test the taste..... add more of what ever you think is missing and fry test again....   Keeping the meat cold as all this is going on.... when you get a close taste, stuff......    a batch of links that doesn't taste right can be a bummer.....   even if you use all the ground meat up doing taste tests, when you get it right, it is worth all the fuss and muss....   Just my 2 cents....     Dave
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    Here's my favorite casing to use.  [​IMG]

    Comes pre-stuffed and the flavor is always spot on.  The casing's a bit chewy though so I just slice it open and cook the meat up for gravy and cornbread.

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